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kadenacat 01-03-2011 12:41 AM

A thinner, healtheir 2011
I'm not exactly a newcomer, I signed up for FitDay years ago but life in general distracted me from my goals. Now it's 2011 and I still have 50 lbs to lose. I want to do it right this time and stick with it!

My husband is in the Air Force and is currently deployed and I want to be a transformed when he gets back!

My goal is to lose about 2.5 pounds per week starting now!

mecompco 01-03-2011 12:47 AM

Welcome to the forums. A 2.5 lbs. a week average is certainly doable. Figure out your calorie burn and what daily deficeit you'll need to maintain. Throw in some exercise and you can't fail.


kadenacat 01-03-2011 12:53 AM

Hi Michael! Thanks for your post! I started tracking my food and exercise activities using FitDay today. I love that I can set my weight loss goal and find out what my caloric deficit needs to be.

As far as exercise, I've been walking at least 4 miles per day for a couple of weeks and added Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Six pack (which I'm sure will be more like a 12 week 6 pack for me!) today. Right now I'm extremely motivated to accomplish this goal. It's always seemed in the past, however, that the motivation wears off after time. I'm counting on the forums here to help me keep my motivation going!


DietDivaB 01-03-2011 01:38 AM

Good Luck
I wish u the best of luck, i'm right there with you. I want to lose 60lbs. myself. Let's do it for the kiddo's !!!

kadenacat 01-03-2011 03:35 AM

Hi Diva! We're going to do this! :D Keep in touch and share your progress!!


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