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Nambi 01-02-2011 04:30 PM

Newcomer here - health for 2011! And questions...
Hi everyone, I'm 25, female, from England.

I have always tried to eat healthily but for 2011 I want to change my diet further. I want to cut down on grains and sugar and eat more raw foods. I am not going to get too strict with this but definitely want it in the back of my mind. My aim is to eat at least 50% raw food with every meal.

I am using FitDay to make sure I keep track of the vitamins and minerals I eat. Also, my diet is not to lose weight, so I want to make sure I get enough calories.

I have noticed whenever I use FitDay however that I can never get enough calories, vitamin E and iron. For instance, today I have only eaten just over 1000 calories, and I am already at my levels for all the vitamins and minerals (way over, for some)! Yet, despite eating spinach, almonds, oils, etc., I am only on half the recommended amount for both vitamin E and iron. How on earth can I get these levels up without going overboard on other elements? For instance if I have enough almonds to sort my vitamin E, I am at crazy levels with some minerals, let alone fat!

Also, any idea on how to eat more calories without overdoing my vitamins too? I think I need to eat more!

Thank you :)

Built 01-02-2011 05:58 PM

I tried to go raw a few years back (not to lose weight, but to cut risk of heart disease). I found it a lot easier during the spring/summer months rather than winter. Oh well...

You might want to check out the following site for ideas in getting more Vitamin E: Vitamin E

As to getting too many vitamins...I'm no dietician, but have never heard of that problem with raw foods diets. There is usually more concern about not getting enough vitamin B 12. You might want to get a consult with a registered dietician...not sure how reliable the micronutrient info is here.

Best wishes!

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