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HarlequinSphinx 12-28-2010 11:11 PM

Hi everyone, just call me Harley if you want. :) I'm 19, living in a small town, and I'm broken. :P I call it that anyway. I was born with Arthrogryposis, which means I'm wheelchair bound and do not have the use of my arms. Everything I type is done with a stick in my mouth.

I'm Pansexual, Wiccan, a gamer, and have no desire to change that, I am who i am and I'm comfortable with it. I've never understood people who feel they need to be someone else. -shrugs- So, yeah. :) I have Christian friends and family, gay/bi friends, and I think they're all super amazing. My boyfriend is a geek like me, hopefully I can get him to join here, he's quite the charming fellow.

Other likes: Gaming, role playing, writing, Anime, art, reading, Disney, Anime, Tarot Cards, the paranormal, animal rights, LGBT rights...the list goes on.


Anyway, by my Birthday… I *will* be skinny. Not deathly skinny, but thinner than now.

I had to watch my mother throw all of my favorite older shirts out…because I gained weight… Because I’m too big to look pretty. So you know what my options now for a wardrobe? PJ-pants, baggy t-shirts, jeans if I’m lucky…and sweat pants. They do not make stunning clothing for fatties… they just don’t, not ones I’d wear.

I think the killer was when she tried taking my red and black thermal… my striped… thermal…I bought it to cosplay one of my oldest characters back in 05… my first purchase from Hottopic, part of first “goth” (I was 14, lmao, thought Goth was totally like, Hottopic clothing) outfit…its special. I always used to wear it under my Saiyuki t-shirt…(I'm a nerd, hehe)

So, that plus having a handsome boyfriend... I really have the want and, dare I say...NEED to reach my goal of 110 and finally gain my confidence.

Here is me as of now:

The card I'm holding is XVIII (Tarot of Druids) recall the deeds of the Fianna, a warlike society with an esoteric character, whose protagonist present analogies with the ancient gods.

mecompco 12-28-2010 11:20 PM

Welcome, Harley. It sounds like you have some hurdles in your way, but with your obvious resolve I bet you can do it! Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything we can do to help.


HarlequinSphinx 12-28-2010 11:26 PM

Thank you for the welcome Michael, I'll be working quite hard to achieve my goals.... :) I have never been one to give up easily.

Hehe, your signature quote is from Yoda. That is very cool. ;)

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