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Default New to FitDay, looking at FitDay mobile app

I recently downloaded the VA's MoveCoach because it lets you track weight, activity, and food. Unfortunately, most of the food listed in the database seems to be fast food, which I don't eat. The worst faux pas, however, was when I realized that my almond milk was listed at 125 calories per cup - the box says it's 60, or less than half. Plus, entering a roast beef sandwich that I make with rye bread, deli meat, mayonnaise and lettuce (with a dab of horseradish sauce) "charges" me over 400 calories for a combo from either Roy Rogers or Arby's. The second app I tried listed filtered water, with a calorie value of 24 for water from a Pur filter, but 0 when a Brita filter was used. Huh? I was looking for an iPhone app that would track everything in one place, since I also have to track my blood pressure. I'm a breast cancer survivor, and I'm not allowed to eat anything soy or with phytoestrogens, so I'm sort of at a loss, since when I was eating mostly vegetarian I ate a lot of tofu and other soy products. Now that I don't have a lot of money to buy food, I'm a bit lost. I'm 61, trying not to be sedentary (I've had 4 different doctors tell me to get a dog), 5'3" and weighed 207 this morning. That's a good thing! A few years ago, I was 250, so I'm about a third of the way to my goal already. Was it ever a thrill the day I quite literally walked out of my jeans - and not in a good way! There's not much money to be buying a new wardrobe every couple of months. I'm hoping I can figure out how to get the most from the mobile app; I don't have the patience to go from one app to another and another ... just to enter the information I'm supposed to keep track of. Does anyone know if FitDay exports to Apple Health? I've been so sedentary for so long that walking is about the best that I can do - for now. Maybe when I get below 200 pounds, I'll take myself over to my apartment complex's weight room and see what I can figure out there. I tried the treadmill, and couldn't get it to work at all. I walked outside for two hours today, and boy, do I wish I had access to a Jacuzzi! Then again, it's not the weight so much that concerns me, but my size and the lingering skin rolls. Fifteen years ago, when I was going to school, I received an insurance settlement and spent it on a gym membership and a trainer. After busting my butt for 6 months, I had gained 12 pounds and gone up 2 clothing sizes, which doesn't sound to me like muscle weighing more than fat. Wish me luck this time around!
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Welcome! Good luck with your weight loss goal. I, too, gained weight during an exercise regimen (and I know it wasn't muscle.)

If I have eaten something at a restaurant, I try to find the restaurant's website with nutrition information for the food. I make a custom entry for the sandwich - it fortifies my resolve to know how many calories I'm eating. It looks like the sandwiches at Roy Rogers range from 400-500 calories but I did not delve too deeply to look for that specific sandwich.

I once had an IHOP patty melt, thinking it was just a hamburger and couldn't be that many calories - it turns out that just the sandwich is 940 calories (I had fries with that!) Ouch.
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