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ch1b1 12-12-2010 01:19 PM

Healthy weight but need to be healthier
Hi guys. This is my first time posting. I joined fitday in 2007 but after a few months I stopped completely until now. Back then, I was 16 and stupid. I was underweight and didn't realize that what I was doing was unhealthy. Well I've gained almost 40 lbs since then, and although I am at a healthy weight of 132, I have binges and I'm very lazy when it comes to cooking well and exercising.

I try to eat well, and then I just end up eating cookies, or loading my food with cheese, eating bread all the time because there is no need to prepare, skimping out on veggies, sometime's eating 8 meals a day (and not mini-meals)...

I have recently joined a gym, and I plan to go three times a week for 45 minutes each (sounds little, I know, but I am so unfit I can barely do even that), though even two days a week would make me happy.

In a typcal day I always aim to eat a good breakfast lunch and dinner, and have snacks in between if I like. This happens on some days. Other days, I go crazy. Sometimes I go crazy for an entire week, and then afterwards I feel I can barely eat from the pain and nausea.

Any tips? I feel like I know so much about nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing but I just cannot seem to apply it to myself. I just want to be able to eat healthily (and by healthily I don't mean just chicken and lettuce, but no overeating or gorging on junk food), exercise well, and enjoy life.

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