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robinmaye41 12-11-2010 06:07 AM

New and determened!!
Hi, my name is Robin and I am new here. I have suffered wtih depression for most of my life and going on and off medications that leave me with little to no energy and huge appetites. During my last episode I had a lot of new meds introduced and once again my energy hit the floor and my appetite hit the roof. I went from 140 to 175 in just 3 months. This is my heaviest ever. Even when pregnant I was not this heavy.

My laundry is in the basement of our house and my bedroom is on the second floor. By the time I am done taking it down or bringing it up I am huffing and puffing like I am about to die. My energy level is so low. I spend most days in bed. I am really setting it in my mind that I want to do this, I want to loose the weight which will give me more energy and make me feel better about myself.

I am hoping that seeing the charts and graphs and how i am progressing in black and white will help keep me motivated. I am 41 and I feel like 61. I want to start to enjoy life and not live in the shadows forever.

Sh3ba 12-11-2010 12:48 PM

I am new too. You can do this Robin! Though I have never been on the meds, I can identify with the depression thing. I so often get depressed around this time a year, when it is so cold and when I have too many sugars. I have studied nutrition and though it helps tremendously, it still can happen where I just feel blue... Anyways, let's take care and do our best. All the best with your healthy new lifestyle. You deserve it. Do you know if there is a button to request friends here?

mecompco 12-11-2010 01:49 PM

Welcome to the FitDay forums! I'll step out on a limb and guess (by your user names) that you are both females (nothing wrong with that, I live with two ;)) so if you were to post up on the "Women Only" sub forum I bet you would find someone compatible for a weigh-loss buddy (as there is no "button" to find a friend).

There is a lot of good info and find folks here on the forums that will help you remain successful as you move towards your fitness goals.


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