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kellyrenee35 12-10-2010 05:46 PM

Hi all! Newcomer!
Hi. I'm Kelly. I just quit smoking 2 months ago and unfortunately, the weight has added on! I'm only 5ft and was only 100 lbs so any weight gain was/is very noticeable. I have a desk job so not very active during day though i do walk 6 blocks from my car and 6 blocks to my car but that's about the extent of my exercise during the week. My BMR is 1275 and its pretty hard to stay below that in food. If I can quit smoking, I feel I can tackle anything and I definitely need to tackle the weight!


rpmcduff 12-10-2010 08:15 PM

Welcome, whether it is 2lbs or 200lbs there is information and support here to help you. I believe the first hurdle you must clear is to decide you will not let your circumstances be an excuse for not acheiving your goals. If you don't have any physical impediments then I suggest you find creative solution to increase your activity level. Maybe that means walking the stairs during your lunch or getting a work out video to do at home.

You stated that your BMR is 1275 and it is hard to stay below that. I am assuming your weight was stable before you quit smoking? If so you were only consuming 1275 calories then. (Smoking doesn't magically stop the absorption of calories, otherwise it would be the worlds most popular weight loss treatment.) So what has changed since you quit? Eating more snacks, drinking more calories (soda, sweet tea, etc..), food just tastes better so you are eating more are all common among people who quit smoking?
Look for what changed and change it back or come up with healthier (lower calorie) alternatives.

Substitute carrot sticks, pepper slices, celery, and apples for candy bars and chips. Don't drink your calories (this helped me alot) make water your beverage of choice. If you are eating larger portions cut back on the higher calorie foods and add more vegetables and salads (be careful as salad dressing can add significant calories) to fill up on.

Good luck!

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