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unrulygurl 12-07-2010 05:56 PM

Taking back my life

I've known for a while that I'm slowing killing myself. It's so easy to be passive and not face your fears and hide. I've never been at my ideal weight. I once thought 200lbs was my nightmare weight. Last time I was pushing that number I read Dr. Phil's book, joined fitday and a gym. 30lbs flew off. Then I got complacent. Before long I was back up to my starting weight. Now 200lbs is a long distant memory.

I was terrified I had developed diabetes & finally went to the doctor. Turns out I have hypothyroidism. A little guilt lifted off my shoulders. My aunt recently passed away after being unable to recover from a broken hip. She had COPD thanks to smoking all her life. Seeing her after surgery unable to come off a vent spurred me to quit smoking. I switched to an electronic cig & I've been smoke-free for over 4 months. No more smoker's cough for me! My lungs feel so much stronger.

Anyway, my plan for becoming a healthier me is baby steps. No "diets" allowed. I plan to pay attention to what I eat & make better choices. Also, I got an early Christmas present for my son and me, an Xbox Kinect. It's a fun & private way to get this body moving.

RunbikeSki 12-07-2010 07:10 PM

Congrats and Welcome
Hi Unrulygurl,
Remember it is all about taking little steps and keeping your eye on the prize!

Little changes in the diet, adding a little more physical activity day by day, stopping the bad habits, little by little (although quiting smoking is HUGE - way to go!). It is rare that someone can make a sudden 180 degree lifestyle change and actually stick to it.

These forums are a great way to check in and know that you are not alone on both the good days and the bad days. Keep logging in. And as every single one of the forum users will tell you - logging your food (for better or worse, and maybe using the "moods" feature to see what triggers an unplanned spluge) is the absolute best way to keep on track.

Lookin' forward to reading all about your progress.


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