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kriketa68 11-29-2010 04:38 PM

Hi everyone, I have been using FitDay for about 3 months now and this is my first time to post anything. I made my life change back in August and have lost 39 pounds to date. Thanksgiving was not easy, I managed to only gain 2 pounds during to whole week of eating. I tried to stick to my change but sometime I feel that I do better when I just go ahead and eat something I really want instead of doing without it. I am currently working on small goals to help me make it through this journey. My starting weight was 268 and I am currently at 229. My goal for Christmas is 219. I will be happy for that but if for some reason I lose more that it will be okay.:D My overall goal is to weight 160 pounds by May 2011. If I'm not quite there yet I'll be ok as long as it's close. Good luck everyone!!!!

August 2010: 268
October 2010: 233
November 2010: 219

rpmcduff 11-29-2010 09:35 PM

Welcome and congratulations on your success so far! Sounds like you already have the right longterm attitude.

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