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ChunkyDunk78 01-18-2010 04:30 PM

New here...
Hello all! I am not really new to this whole site, I just haven't used it in a really long time. I was working on losing weight without this, but I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and gained a few pounds already, so I am here to reign things in. :)

Shell250 01-18-2010 04:48 PM


Welcome! I am new too, on week 2 this week. I can relate, I quite smoking several years ago and gained 30 lb. Although I managed to lose it, my weight has been up and down since then. It is currently way 'up' and I am doing something about it!

Congrats on quitting smoking! I must say that despite the weight gain, it is one of the best things I ever did for myself. After a couple weeks I really noticed a big difference in how I felt. (I used to smoke a pack a day). Especially in the mornings. Good for you for taking action to ward off the all too common weight gain associated with quitting smoking. All the best!

labonitafarms 01-18-2010 05:33 PM

Hey there - I am completely new to this site - congrats on the stop smoking - I did too. I am on my 15th day without a cigarette and trying to lose weight! Stopping smoking was the best thing I ever did. My doctor diagnosed me with COPD and told me that if I didn't stop smoking that I would be carrying around an oxygen tank before I was 60! Yea that made me stop and think!

I have never used a bulletin board before, but, I guess now is the perfect time to start - I would like to meet folks that are in the same situation that I am. Keep up the good work!:D

My start weight was 259.6 lbs and my goal weight is 135 by May 01, 2011! My ten year anniversary is May 10, 2011 so I need to boogie!

Shell250 01-18-2010 08:14 PM

Hi again Dot, I just replied to your other message! :) I have only participated in a few forums myself; really finding this one to be helpful and motivating.

Another ex-smoker, congrats! Way to go to both of you!! I know it is not easy, it took me many many many attempts. Hang in there, if I can do it anyone on earth can! :)

Like with losing weight, I realized that for me to quit smoking I had to make some pertinent lifestyle changes. I had to stop drinking coffee, alcohol, even talking on the phone for too long, limiting my time on the computer, changing what I did when I took breaks at really was a total change in the routine of my day to day life! Eliminating things that strongly triggered me wanting to light up. Eventually I added coffee back into my day and started going out again for drinks (although since then, I drink much less of both). I must make the lifestyle changes that are necessary for me to get healthy by losing some of this weight. Why does it seem so simple, yet is so hard? I have been battling my weight for years. Even before I quit smoking I needed to lose maybe 25 lb. Then I quit smoking and gained 30 lb more, and my weight has been up and down (mostly up) ever since.

Losing weight is seems to be way more of a struggle for me than quitting smoking was. I wonder why that is? What is it that is holding me back? I need to think about that.

I want this more than anything. Determined to do this for once and for all. :D

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