Hello - Weight Loss in My 40s

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Default Hello - Weight Loss in My 40s

Hello, All -

I'm in my early 40s. Over the past 2 years, I have managed to tag on a bit over 20 pounds. I believe this weight is hormonal as I am entering the age my mom and grandmother were when they probably started perimenopause, and my doctor has ruled out thyroid issues. I have had other issues point to low progesterone/high estrogen as well (don't need to go into that), but they have resolved these past 6 months with progesterone cream therapy.

I still need to take a more proactive approach with the weight, though. I miss running, and it's not comfortable until I lose some weight.

In the past when I've wanted to lose weight, I used to just count calories, but this time I have had difficulty dropping 1200-1500 calories as I feel hungry and lose maybe only .5-1 pound a week. It doesn't help I'm a busy mom who works. Truthfully, I don't mind a slow weight loss (as long as it is constant) but I don't like being hungry.

So, I am trying a new approach that seemed to help my mother when she lost weight in her 50s. I am bulking on protein and fruits/veggies (while watching my sugar intake—I only drink alcohol/eat dessert once a week) while slowly getting my out-of-shape self back into an endurance routine.

I would appreciate advice/input on how to add more protein (minus a ton of calories) without consuming cow meat/dairy (I have an intolerance) and soy (I'm avoiding estrogen boosts as mine is high right now). I've been eating a lot of eggs so far, but that will get boring before too long. I tried Hemp protein powder and it's a little bitter for me. So I'm looking for other solutions.

I started adding exercise in December. I have been doing a 3-4.5 mile a hike on the weekend, and this week I have started adding daily gentle .5-1 mile walks with my dogs. I am very tired and deal with water retention after these, but it seems to be improving every 3 weeks.

I am 5'2" and 154 pounds. Hoping to lose about 25-28 pounds. I just started adding protein this week. I haven't lost weight yet, but when the water retention goes down (about 3-5 days after a hike) my pants feel a lot looser.

Am I taking this in the right direction? Any suggestions?

Thank you!
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