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jali198584 11-12-2016 02:26 PM

fighting depression and getting back in shape
I've been suffering with depression over 10 years now, it had/ has a strangle hold on me, some days are better then others, I started to feel depressed during my time at university, don't get me wrong I had friends, but family life wasn't too good, I've always had a svelte body, but started putting on weight around the time I was studying at university, I use to tell myself that I didn't have time to exercise due to my assignments, looking back it was me just making excuses, I had plenty of time I just did other things instead,

Let me tell you, when you start putting on the pounds people notice, it started off with the odd quip here and there, you know, puffing out their cheeks, to let me know I've put on some weight, or my favourite one, the finger jab to the gut, I would laugh it off, but deep down it hurt, In time my family jumped on the band wagon, and started letting me know I was looking HEAVY, but in my head it was the same old me, surely I haven't put on that much weight,

I can still remember the day I realised I was fat, it was unsettling to say the least, I was at a job interview and I was wearing an expensive pin striped shirt

, the interview wasn't go well, and to add insult to injury, I bent down to pick something up and my shirt ripped, right where my belly button is, I managed to hide the tear with my tie, I finished the interview and returned home feeling pathetic, I felt that way for a long time, falling deeper into the abyss.

I was a university graduate who didn't have a job, I felt like a complete loser I would spend all day online., It was during this time while on youtube when I stumbled across an old interview of Pat Morita AKA Mr Miyagi, he talked about a lot of things he had to over come in life, it struck a cord with me

it's this quote that helped me

"people say, well you gotta be lucky,
luck has an element, yeah you gotta have some talent,
yes you gotta be at the right place right time,
it takes a whole hell of a lot of perseverance passion and love,
and many many many steps along the way,
and not always in a direct line,
in order to get from here to there,
you have to walk side ways some, you gotta walk obliquely,
and maybe two step backwards for one step forward, and vise versa,
it's a whole process, it's called a life,
and as long as one, regardless of his or his perception of where they want that life to ultimately be, they cant give up,
for one reason or another, you know, your out of work, or life seems to be against you,
you hit all these bottoms, it can break your spirit, break your heart, and cause you a lot of grief and stuff,
you know if your really meant to get some where, regardless of what profession it is, your gonna get there, but you can not keep trying, to get there,
cause nobody hands you anything in life, we all know that,"

man, that really hit home for me, and thus filled me with a greater sense of vigour, I started training again, it's been a few years since, and I've managed to lose the weight and out on a little bit of muscle, I still have that ripped shirt, I like to look at it at times, it motivates me to never let myself become that way.

I've been documenting my progression, challenging myself, here's what I've done so far,[/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]

I know that was a long rant, but it's something I've been wanting get of my chest

jali198584 11-20-2016 01:10 PM

Completed another challenge, 1 hour Single Leg Jump Rope non stop,I did roughly 1000+

jali198584 11-26-2016 12:25 PM

Completed another challenge, 1 hour Squat Kicks, I did 1100

mnge 11-26-2016 04:05 PM

Good going jaili195484!

jali198584 12-03-2016 12:07 PM

Originally Posted by mnge (Post 123369)
Good going jaili195484!

thank you for your kind words,

I just Completed another challenge, 1 hour T Push Ups STRICT FORM I managed to do 565,

jali198584 12-10-2016 12:01 PM

Completed another challenge, 1 hour, 1 hour bench dips, I managed to do 1140

01gt4.6 12-12-2016 02:29 PM

Originally Posted by jali198584 (Post 123320)
Completed another challenge, 1 hour Single Leg Jump Rope non stop,I did roughly 1000+

Wow that is amazing!!!

01gt4.6 12-12-2016 02:33 PM

Just subscribed to your channel. You're a beast.

jali198584 12-15-2016 05:26 PM

shredded mother fucker push up challenge (fitness addict)

jali198584 12-17-2016 12:33 PM

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 123503)
Just subscribed to your channel. You're a beast.

thanks for your kind words man, it really motivates me

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