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Sick and tired of being sick and tired


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Default Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I just found this app. I am hoping it will help me jump start this weight loss journey. I have done this befor ,going from 260 to 135. Then I got COPD and Emphysema. The worse my condition got the fatter I became. Every time I quit smoking I gained 40lbs. I quit 3 times. Combine that with becoming more and more sedentary and steroids that treat my condition and I am back to 229lbs. I hate myself, I don't want to even get dressed in the morning. So for now I will enter everything I eat and drink and try and stay at the 500 cal. it will take for me to drop to 145 by June of 2016. Wish me luck.
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1500 calories would be enough for you to build a more nutritious daily menu. 500 seems way too low. Ask your doctor - I believe that is so low as to be unhealthy.

It may take some time but you can do it! There's a good motivation and support message board here that you could visit for inspiration.

I sympathize with the cigarettes/weigh gain problem. Quitting smoking can complicate your weight loss efforts but it doesn't have to doom them. Do you use nicotine patches?
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Dear Margie - first off - I will never, ever use the other part of your name that you posted. (would you consider changing it to maybe "Hopeful" Margie?) Second - please please please forget about a 500 calorie diet - that's not dieting that's starvation level. Your body needs a minimum amount of calories just to work right (the stuff like breathing, digesting food and even thinking). By not taking in enough calories you will lose energy, store even more fat and your mental processes will suffer as well. Please - go see your family doctor and tell him/her that you want to lose weight and get some real help to do it. Don't be ashamed - instead be proud of the fact that you want to take control of your life. Keep in touch with Margie (hey maybe Beautiful Margie would be a better name - I think I'll call you that instead). PS I'm not online every day so if you post back to me and I don't reply - don't worry - I'll do my best to keep in touch with you at least once a week. talk to you later.
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