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tinat1970 09-16-2015 07:36 PM

I'm new to this site. I previously was using but for some reason, the site isn't working properly. I really need some motivation so here I am :) I am looking for weight loss buddies to help me get to my lifelong goal. I was within 10 lbs of my goal last summer and was exercising like crazy and then the worst thing could've happened to me - injury to my hip and I haven't been able to exercise since then. I have put on 15 lbs since then and am scheduled to have a TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT on October 15th. I am hoping to get off 10 lbs between now and then. Can ANYONE give me a diet to follow or some ideas to make this work ??? I am willing to try ANYTHING right now - I am desperate :confused:

Kathy13118 09-17-2015 03:15 AM

Don't be desperate - you can hurt yourself!

There's a great group in the motivation and support forum here. They lose weight!

You lose weight by reducing calories. Figure out how many calories you are eating on average by logging your food in the fitday food log (for a week, maybe?) Then reduce the number of calories you plan to eat in a day and continue to log your food, staying within that limit.

It works.

Good luck!

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