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Coeliac, vegan, trying desperately not to lose more weight >

Coeliac, vegan, trying desperately not to lose more weight

Coeliac, vegan, trying desperately not to lose more weight

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Default Coeliac, vegan, trying desperately not to lose more weight

I suspect I might be in the wrong place, but I joined up to Fitday so I could try to monitor my daily intake of essential nutrients, work out if I was missing anything, try to keep my calories up! (I've dropped to a BMI of almost 16 in the last year just by giving up alcohol and dropping dairy and eggs (I was already vego) and my partner and my doctor are starting to make concerned noises. Oh, and none of my clothes fit, which sucks)
Turns out I'm not missing anything except selenium (?!) and Vit D, and could do with more calories overall, but everything else is pretty okay (yes, including iron, but given I'm not anaemic, that's not surprising! )

Anyone else vegan? Or even just here to try to stop losing weight?
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I have been vegetarian for more than ten years, and spent 6 of that very strict vegan, and about 1 year as a raw food vegan.

I recently incorporated eggs back into my diet (local, organic, raised in my community). I have never really liked dairy, so it's not really much of a factor in my diet anyways. When I was vegan, I was very strict about avoiding all animal products. Now that I'm back to being just a vegetarian, I might occasionally eat dairy in some baked goods here and there. No meat, though (of course). I have been enjoying honey in my tea sometimes.

I definitely do not have a problem with keeping weight on. I am just built this way, though. Whether I'm vegan or vegetarian, unless I am actually watching what I eat, I will gain weight. I have no trouble packing on pounds with veggie burgers and coconut ice-cream and all the wonderful veggie delights. I like to think I'm a great vegan cook, and I love vegan baking, so that doesn't help either, haha.

After six years of being vegan, however, I was not doing well. I was SO emotional ALL THE TIME, I was not balancing my diet properly. The lack of B-vitamins and protein in my diet slowly turned me into a basket case. I know that a vegan diet is absolutely healthy, however I was not taking care to balance, and so, was not healthy. I started taking vitamins every day and tracking my protein to make sure I had enough EVERY DAY. It changed almost overnight... I felt my sanity come back. I felt balance. I couldn't believe I had felt like that for so long!!

Anyways, I hope you get your vitamins balanced... Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, and maybe grab a vit D supplement for the other. Watch your B's and your protein, and all shall be well

Keep us posted!! I also love swapping vegan recipes, and have about a million that I love. I would say 95% of my cooking is still vegan; other than eggs for breaky once in a while and a little cheese on a sandwich here and there.

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

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Thanks Roxy!
B12 is of course compulsory, and I hear you on the Vit D and selenium, but according to the fit day calculators, I don' seem to have any other obvious issues! Protein I'm definitely fine on - I seem to average between 120 and 150 % of my daily requirements, and I'm nowhere near low on zinc, iron, or any of the other B vitamins.

I'm not vegan for health, but for ethical and environmental issues (I cannot imagine eating an egg, not knowing what I know about chicken welfare! No offence

I've never been much of a junk food eater, whether vegan or otherwise, but I do eat my fair share of delicious vegan chocolate and nut based cheeses, but I think I may need to look at incorporating more (healthy) fats into my diet I guess. It's summer where I am, though, so the salads and fruits seem far, far more tempting than something greasy that will heat up the kitchen (ah, mangos, my nemesis...) And maybe more grains. I spent years pre-coeliac-diagnosis avoiding grains, mostly subconsciously, because anything gluten contaminated would make me feel so vilely ill, so it's a hard habit to break.
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