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kawaiicat7 05-26-2014 09:32 PM

Hi, New here:)
I'm naturally 'thin' but have been up (highest was 131) and down due to meds for a bit, or just sedentary living after 32 ;(
I'm 33 now tho ;)

Trying to get back into shape, eat well while still being able to enjoy not-great (healthy) food now and again. I just joined this site like a week ago so I'm trying to hang in there. Want to make a real life style change and get back into walking a ton (which I've done most of my life) as well as weights (which I actually) enjoy and trying to hike/jog a bit (the former I like, the latter I do NOT like!)

I'm from San Antonio, Texas... Love traveling. Went to college in Austin, worked in tov over 10 years starting in Houston, 4 in NYC (loved it!) and 3 in NYC where I met my wonderful now-husband :)

We love cooking and dining out, and I really miss the big cities.

His job brought us up to BFE Wisconsin, hence my weight went way back up...

Despite it, I am losing, and being active, and just surprised at how easy it has been to lose once I cut out drinking and eating too much crap and added in a bit of exercise. (I love wine and miss it!)

I love to blog and do video podcasts, which if you're interested you can check them out here:)

Also, how do i get back to the page that says what you're goal is and how much you should eat and what you are currently doing?



If we are trusting my scale...
HW: 131 (a few times)
SW: 129 but for FD purposes:120 on May 14 2014
CW: 116.6 (up from 116 2 days ago)
GW1: 115 (so close!)
GW2: 113 (I like this weight on me for the most part and can fit in my clothes) (My main real goal weight)
GW3: 110 (just to see)
GW4 107 (high school weight - got back to it when I was 25/26 but this one isn't necessary)

Kathy13118 05-26-2014 10:15 PM

I am usually in fitday classic, but I changed over to fitday 2.0 to see where you set your goal. It's under 'log' (see 'home,' 'log,' 'reports,' articles,' 'forums,' 'dietician' in the blue bar at the top of the screen). Under log, there's 'weight.' Set your current weight and date, the goal date and your goal weight. There should be someplace to click on to save that. Then scroll down and it will list all that you've entered and how much your calorie limit should be to reach it.

kawaiicat7 05-27-2014 05:47 PM

Thanks so much! Found it!

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