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LavenderBelle 04-23-2014 10:29 PM

Hello :)
Hello All.

I am a 25 year old recent college graduate whose life style has become more sedentary and less healthy since I graduated. Moving from walked everywhere to hardly ever walking along with having time to cook meals and being around my family have taken a toll on my already not great waist line.
I have pretty much always been fat. But I dont want to get myself to a place where I cant get back... So, I am interested in living and choosing to live a more healthy lifestyle.
I am interested in doing a juice cleanse, and then continuing to eat a diet high in raw fruits and veggies. I ideally see myself as eating a vegan diet because I do care about animals, but I also want to make sure I am doing it in a way that I can sustain and be happy and healthy.
It is nice to be here and I am hoping that communicating with people who are also fit and healthy (or trying to be) will motivate me and keep me on track.
thanks for reading!

Kathy13118 04-23-2014 11:10 PM

If you go to, you will find loads of books on vegetarian, vegan and raw diets. You can also get some of the same books at the library, so it is not information you can only find on the internet.

Your doctor can also give you his or her opinion about that kind of diet.

Bill Clinton did lose a substantial amount of weight by becoming a vegan (he does eat one fish meal a week, though). He has chefs and doctors helping him out with any questions of planning he needs to do to maintain that lifestyle. We should all be so lucky!

It's your health, not just your weight, so get the most help and information you can possibly find. Good luck!

LavenderBelle 04-26-2014 08:08 PM


I did know bill clinton had chosen a plan based diet! I have been vegan in the past and look at it as a life choice that has less to do with health and more to do with being a compassionate person. For the time being, I am still eating meat and cheese. :( And want to focus on my own health for a little while.
Thanks for the advice!

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