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Red face Starting Over

Hey guys, I'm new on FitDay and feel like the road ahead is never-ending. I thought I'd check out the forums because pretty much no one I know (IRL) thinks about losing weight as much as I do. I've tried the raw diet, Atkins, and counting calories, and it seems that what it really comes down to is long-term commitment. I've lost 15 lbs before and quit shortly after because it's very hard for me to constantly watch my diet. This time around, I'd really like to stick to my goal of losing 30 lbs (currently weigh 160 at 5'5) and hoping I can get some of that long-term motivation from everyone on the forum. Any stick-to-it-tips? Stories you'd like to share? I'm excited to meet so many ambitious people
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You'll learn a lot about what you've been eating, what you are eating, and what you want to be eating by tracking your food (see 'log').

I think everyone has a short attention span when it comes to weight loss!

One thing Weight Watchers encourages is breaking a goal down into smaller goals. Then once you attain some weight loss, even it's a small amount, defend that loss! My WW leader said, 'All dieting is maintenance,' meaning that you just have to maintain what you lose, and then courageously go on to the next small weight loss. Then defend that. And so on!
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That is such a positive message. Thank you. I really like the gradual approach.
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Heyy Cakelover.
I'm new to the site too, and in the same boat as you.
I've tried everything! I'm around your weight and size and nothing worked. I really think this site is going to work for me, because I can see what I put into my body on charts and graphs. How my nutrition compares to my calories. In the 4 days I've been using this site, I've already significantly improved my diet because I saw where I was deficient and needed to improve. I've already noticed a huge change in my thinking and energy. I'm not as bloated and I'm in an overall better mood. I was having a hard time before staying under my calorie limit, but now that I can see I'm getting enough nutrition with my calories I find myself having to add extra foods to meet my goal at the end of the day instead of feeling like I'm starving. I'm sorry, I know this is alot to read. But I hope for you the best. And like Kathy said, set your goals lower. I'm setting mine ten at a time. You can do it girl! Message me if you wanna talk.
"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." -John Lennon
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