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kenesaw 12-06-2013 03:50 PM

An Arkansas Hello, with Website Questions
We're snowed in today, so my activity calories will be enhanced by an hour of shoveling - 314 cals !!

I have a beginners question about the website. Can anyone explain the following:

On the Dashboard, what does "Cal. Budget" refer to?

And on the Food Log, with "Calorie Intake" selected, if you look at the top of the graph, you see "Goal", with a number after it. What does this signify? How is it calculated?

Thanks, and best wishes to you all.

Kathy13118 12-06-2013 06:02 PM

I'll give it a shot.

If weight loss is your goal, fitday can calculate how many calories you can ingest daily to meet your goal in a specified time frame. To start, it needs your height, height units, and weight units (lbs, for example). Also, your activity level and your age.

This information is set in your profile. 'Profile' is found under the home tab. See Dashboard Calendar Profile Settings - click on Profile. Enter the information and save it there. It will be used for calculating how many calories you require to lose weight to reach your goal weight in a certain time period. You decide your goal and time period.

To do that, you use the Dashboard under the Home tab, but this time choose Dashboard and then Calorie Budget. Click on the Edit button under Calorie Budget. Tell Fitday your current weight, you goal date for losing the number of pounds you want to lose and let Fitday figure out the progress you will make if you stick to your diet plan. This is where the activity level that you set in your Profile has some effect. Your current height and weight are important too. You don't change 'current weight' unless you're starting a new goal. When you put in your dates, specify '2014', for example, in the date - else Fitday uses 1914 (I just found out)!

Your age (which you already set) is also used in the calculations.

Once you're on your plan, according to what you've told Fitday, the 'goal calories' for the day will be tallied and you will be able to see what's left for the day as you enter foods in your food log. That's the 'Cal. Budget.'

I did this way back when in Fitday Classic, so this is something I just reset in my Profile. If I've given confusing information, sorry!

kenesaw 12-06-2013 10:30 PM

Ah-h-h . . that seems to make sense. Thanks for that part.

Can you explain "Goal" under Calorie Intake, in Food Log?


Kathy13118 12-07-2013 12:05 AM

That's the result of Fitday's figuring out your daily intake needed to reach your goal weight given what you specified when you set up a goal weight and a time frame for reaching the goal weight given your activity level, weight, height, age, etc.

You can see that your calorie intake for the day - so far - has been x and your goal calories for the day are y. One thing to do is put your food (measured) into the food log before you eat and see where it gets you: over or under your limit (goal) for the day. Then you can adjust your plans to eat that food or choose something different.

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