New here - looking for a diet buddy...?

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  • Wow, no takers...... Now I am depressed.
  • I've got about 30 pounds left to loose and I'm pretty excited about it!!! (Lost 40 so far)

    I'm here all the time checking up on the forum to keep me on track and accountable for what I'm eating and making sure that I'm hitting the gym!

    Welcome to fitday!

    How was yesterday for you?
  • Thanks for the reply Luckygirl! There is nothing worse than feeling you are invisible!

    I only started on Monday, so this is day 3, but I have done excellent so far. I am even down 2.2 pounds already, although I do realize that is just water weight.....but it does feel good to see such progress so fast regardless! Who needs to be walking around with a bunch of excess fluid on their bodies?? LOL!!

    Today I am going to do some serious weeding in my yard and take the dogs for a walk later for exercise. I also plan to make some vegetable soup that I can snack on whenever I feel a little hungry.

    Congrats to you for losing 40 pounds!! That is simply amazing! You must look like a different person than when you started, and I bet none of your old clothes fit either.

    What have you done to be successful??
  • I loved to buddy up, I am also looking to loose 30lbs. I've been successful with diets in the past, but since having my kids I've just been to lazy to really watch what I eat and I've never liked to exercise. Starting somewhat slow, this week I've only been planning healthy meals, cutting out the night time snacks and trying to drink water.

    Wishing us both luck.
  • HELLO I have 30+++ pounds to lose and would like to buddy up with everyone! I need the motivation. I love eating happy food but am hardly ever motivated to move more as my doc tells me hence the 120 I probably need to lose to have a normal BMI. I have a problem with portion control and need help!
  • I would love to have a diet buddy/buddies as well. It's so easy for the weight to creep back on. I'm tired of feeling non-confident due to my weight. Sharing support, encouragement and tips with each other would be great!

    My short story is that 10 years ago I went on a 500 calorie a day diet and lost 130-150 lbs in 6 months. In the last year I've kinda lost my drive to stay so focussed on eating right. I'd love to lose 30 pounds as well. What favorite foods keep you on track?
  • Welcome aboard all!! I am so excited to see you all here!!

    My plans for the day didn't completely pan out. I did do the weeding, but I didn't get in a walk, I was beat after an entire hour of hardcore much so my back is kind of sore now. I also didn't get my soup made, however I did eat well today. Dinner was half a plate of steamed veggies with a smidge of parmesan cheese, 2 poached eggs and 2 slices of Weight Watchers Bread. I know, odd combination, but it was remarkably good!

    I usually eat bran cereal everyday, it is a good way to get lots of fibre and it is full of nutrients. Plus I really like it.

    How did everyone else do today, and what do you plan to do tomorrow?

    I am not sure what i am going to do tomorrow about poor planning,eh?? LOL!!
  • Floatalicious, your mismatched dinner sounds quite fantastic right about now! I can't remember the last time I had an egg, oddly enough. On that note, I find myself struggling a bit to come up with low-calorie meals that are full of flavor and nutrients. Despite having a weight loss goal, I still think eating should be an enjoyable thing!

    I've done a lot of bean salads lately, a quick and easy dish I'd suggest to anyone! Affordable, ridiculously easy to throw together on a whim, chock-full of fiber, protein, and nutrients. Stores well, travels well, and tastes delicious! What more do you need? I basically just chuck an assortment of rinsed canned beans (kidney, black, and garbanzo are my favorite), corn, red pepper, green pepper, red onion, avocado (though I'd omit this if you're really looking to cut back calories), cilantro, and lime juice together. Stir it all up, chill, and serve. It only takes around one cup or less to fill you up and, thanks to good ol' beans, that fullness should last you a long time. Anybody else got some speedy, tasty suggestions?
  • Still trying to wrap my head around the healthy eating and the meal planning, the plan for dinner tonight is grilled chipotle chicken breast, some veggies (not sure what yet) and mashed potatoes (have to keep the kids and hubby happy) i'll just have a small spoon full. I'm finding that doing a wrap is a really quick easy option for lunch...whole grain or veggie wrap, romain lettuce, some sort of lean protein and low fat cheese.

    I'm hoping to get a walk in tonight
  • I want a buddy too!
    Hey! This seems like a fun group to buddy up with. I have 39 lbs to loose. I am at 196! I was doing really good with fitday a few months ago, but over summer I slacked off and havent been walking... so I put on 10 lbs that I has lost.
    This is my 2nd day back on track. I tried to do the sacred heart diet plan, I was starving though. Now I am just watchig calories and relying on my walks.

    Hope you dont mind another buddy!!


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