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bbodenstein 05-11-2010 12:32 PM

Good Morning Ladies...

6 years ago I used Atkins and Fitday to lose 60 pounds...Since then I've had four years of a very abusive relationship and eventually gained backed 30 of those pounds...My ex did all in his power to "uglify" me, which included urging me to gain weight, so that I would be unattractive to anyone else

Well I'm out of the relationship now and back here on Atkins and Fitday...Today is my first day of Induction...It worked for me before and it will work for me again

My best advice is to weigh and measure EVERYTHING and be compulsive about recording it all in your food diary...That was how I learned what worked for me...I can eat a healthy diet, but am terrible with portion control...Weighing, measuring and recording kept me on track

I'm 59 now, so my metabolism is even slower and it's gonna be tough...I'm going for a 40 pound loss this time and have set September 30th as my goal date

I really want a partner or group to compare daily notes with, went looking and found this thread...I am willing to make my food diary public if you all want to do that....I know I want the support and encouragement a group can bring....Look forward to chatting with everyone

~ellabella~ 05-11-2010 01:39 PM

Hello :waves frantically:

Just joined up today. I started Atkins last week and lost 3lbs but then cheated over the weekend. So I'm restarting today with more resolve and also with my husband on board so hopefully no more cheating.
I'm 5 foot nothing and 10st 4 (144lbs), ideally would like to be 8.5-9st(119-126lbs).

Hello to Tracey, I'm also in Leeds!

Hi Bbodenstein :waves frantically again:

Sorry to hear of you recent problems and glad to hear things are so much better, onwards and upwards!:)
I really enjoyed doing Atkins last week,it was a couple of family celebrations that broke me. I'm now seriously serious about doing this strictly.

I've made my food diary public and would love to chat Atkins with you. I'm sure you can give me a lot of advice and tell me where I'm going wrong?Hopefully I can give you moral support :D
My food diary looks like I'm not really eating enough but it seemed plenty,
Today I had
B:scrambled 2 X eggs + 2 x bacon
L: cucumber, lettuce, toms and a big slice of frittata made with bacon, chicken, brocolli, peppers, onions, eggs and cheese with mayo
D: will be asparagus and a poached egg....will also have either turkey steak or tuna mayo as a snack.

I work FT and have 3 children so the key for me is planning in advance so I'm going to try noting down the next days menu here also to make me think and keep track. So tomorrow I'm planning;
B:bacon n eggs again
L:Niciose: salad veggies with olives, green beans, hard boiled eggs and tuna
D: giant mushrooms stuffed with beef bolognese mix topped with melted cheese served with brocolli.

I'll update my diary as I go.....

I've been reading a lot of info on Atkins Bulletin Board which I've found helpful, have you visited there before?

Looking forward to keeping up with everyones journey.

So sorry for waffling :eek:


Hickonthehill 05-11-2010 03:14 PM

Hello everyone, and thank you for the warm welcome. I am loving the positivity of this group...some I've been on before have been quite negative which I don't think helps anyone. Any more advice on the Atkins would be very much appreciated too..I've got the book but talking to people who are going through it (or versions of low carb) is always more informative. I'm also loving the sound of your mushrooms with bolognaise sauce.....YUM!!! And I'd never thought of that combination! it's pretty hard being Scottish and not being allowed to eat tatties everyday!

Bbodenstein....well done for getting out of that relationship...I was in a very negative one a few years ago and it's really hard to get your life back on you go girl!

Here's to helping each other get to where we want to be....:D

zaba30 05-11-2010 04:13 PM

Hey, to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))

Hick, I owe you an answer from yesterday :-)
I'm 33 :-) (I don't know if it counts but I look younger ; least people say so :-)) )
For many years I've been practicing sports, actively (volleyball) and for the last few years I've been lazy for everything and my kilograms were just going and going up and up and up :-(
Now, I weigh 90 kilograms...pardon, 87,5 kg :-D (I weigh myself this morning :-D). I was 90kg when I started with all this on 5.5. (six days ago!!!). And I'm telling you, I'm not doing any diet I'm just working myself out (till I drop dead of exercise :-D).
I didn't say that I'm 173cm high so I really don't look that huge when you look at me :-) but when I look at myself I know. You can imagine that my boyfriend doesn't know how much I really weigh. When we spoke the last time about it (and you know that he did weigh me on himself :-))) ) he told me that I have around 75 kg!!! And I thought to myself: Jesus, if I would weigh 75 I would call myself a princess!!! :-))
I just laughed and let him think what he wants and told him that when I come to 75kg, I'll tell him and then he will tell me how do I look ;-))
So, my goal for now is 83 kg by the 20.6.2010.(sorry I have really big problems in recalculating kilogram into your lb and pounds :-(... )
I want to return at least a part of my last summer's weight :-)))

And about bad relationships - I just can tell that when it's over, at least to me, it helps to lose weight like in a second :-)) and when I'm happy after that I eat like crazy :-/
But, now, my 5 years younger boyfriend supports me with all of this even he told me: "To me you're beautiful just the way you are." (yeah, right :-D) And, since he is with me he gained a little, but you know men. They know how to make an advantage of it (of their sexy tummy, and so on...grrr... :-)

traceymc1985 05-11-2010 10:35 PM

Welcome again Bbobenstein-i just want to say i know how you feel. When i was 18 i was in a violent relationship for 4years and i comfort ate and lost every bit of pride in myself. However that was over 5 years ago and im now with a wonderful man who no matter what weight i was has always treat me the same and supported my choice to get to where i want in life! My heaviest just after i left my ex i was 16st 10lbs and i now weigh in at 12st 3lbs. I lost the weight with weightwatchers but am no longer going to meetings and use my own scales and the support from fitday to help me reach my goal of 10st 7lbs.
Sorry i cant advice you with atkins as its never been a plan that ive took but id like to offer all my support and best wishes on your journey to a healthy and most of all happy future. Im always here to help in the ways i can. GOOD LUCK!!
Hiya Ellabella-another Leeds member. Welcome to the forum its excellent. You sound really determined to get to goal-i know you will do great. The menu sounds really yummy. Bon appetite its making me feel hungry but no im doing great so i can wait til breakfast.

SarahLou120385 05-12-2010 12:31 AM

Hi HickontheHill, Hi bbodenstein, Hi ellabella! Glad you could all join us! Hi Tracey, Hi Zaba!

First thing's first - hope everyone's doing ok, how's it all going?

I did my first weigh-day today since I started my diet a week ago, and I was psyched to see I've shifted my first 3lbs! :D Hope I do as well next Tuesday!

Is everyone here doing weekly or daily or random weigh-ins? Whenever you're checking, good luck! I hope you all see the numbers your aiming for! :D

Sarah x

Hickonthehill 05-12-2010 11:40 AM

Hi...I weigh in on a Friday...there used to be a thread in one of the other forums and we'd put our weight in there, I tried to keep it going after the originator stopped doing it but it seems to have trickled to a stop. Shame, as it really motivated me...But still weigh myself and keep track of it on my home page.

Does anyone have any suggestions for snacks? I eat a tonne of fruit but am trying to get my carbs down, so any alternatives to the 2 apples, banana and other stuff I eat would be greatfully received. I'm not really a big raw veg person, and I work in an office at a pc so it really needs to be able to be eaten in that environment...

am going to devise a new fitness regime this afternoon (quiet office just now!) as have let that side go too...and I wonder why I'm on a plateau!?!?!;)

~ellabella~ 05-12-2010 03:57 PM

Hi Sarah, this is your thread and I didn't even say hello! how rude of me, I was just giddy with excitement i think.
Hi Zaba and Hick too.

Good day today, no cravings, although slightly headachey. Stuck to yesterdays menu. Really looking forward to tonights Italian mushrooms. Yum yum.

Hick your comment about being scottish and not having tatties made me laugh, it's like me being from Yorkshire and not having tea. Well I just couldn't do it, so I've cut dowm. I can't live without tea and how much damage can it do?
I've been snacking on boiled eggs, cooked chicken, tuna mayo wrapped in a lettice leaf, celery with cream cheese, ham rolled up with cream cheese and bits of cheese! This is all very Atkinsy though, not sure if you're following Atkins or are just trying for a general carb reduction?

Zaba so that I make sense to you (at least for a while:rolleyes:) I converted, I'm 65.3 kgs and need to be 57.2 because I'm only a wee little 150 cms!

Thanks for the welcome Tracey! It's a small world.....

I started on Monday so my weigh in will be Monday (but may have a sneaky peek in between)

Tomorrows menu which I'll prep tonight is
B:Eggs (really quite sick of this now...breakfast suggestions anyone?)
L:Turkey salad
D: Roast pork, mashed cauliflower with cheese, green beans (and a teeny tiny bit of gravy???please:o?? no i mustn't :() But on the bright side I can eat the crackling yum yum
ROF: (rest of family..roasted tatties and peas too) Do you all cook seperatley for families or try to incorporate what you're having?

Can I ask which diet you're all following if any?

I've been getting confused with the USA food listings for example today I'm having green beans which I thought would be french beans in usa terms. However french beans had a whopping 60 carbs in and the packaging on my green beans was nowhere near that amount. I found string beans which sounded much more like but no idea what the differences are.

Anywhoo I'm waffling again, thanks for the warm welcome and looking forward to keeping up with you all.

Noticed that I talk about food a lot??? mmm obsessed, moi??

I'm waffling again!!!!:eek:

Hope to see you soon bbodenstein


traceymc1985 05-12-2010 08:11 PM

Hiya everyone
Well done SARAH im back on track my weigh in is every wednesday and ive lost 2lbs this week ive now shifted the half a stone i putback on. Im over the moon. I follow weightwatchers and im allowed 17 points each day and im sticking to it really well. Its always been the easiest diet for me to follow.
ELLABELLA i love my tea and its gotta be the Yorkshire stuff. I drink alot of it but i dont take sugar and use skimmed milk. It stops me snacking as long as i can resist the temptation to dunk a biscuit. Im kicking that habit now though! I also find difficultry tracking the foodsbut i write it in a little book so i know how many points ive had each day.
HICK- i love to snack on things too but im a lover of raw veg and salad but some other suggestions could be a tbsp nuts and seeds, 4 fat-free crackers,carrot sticks, 14g raisins, handful dry branflakes,5 small wafers,small pot sugar-free jelly,sugar free ice pops, tbsp low fat dip and 2-3 breadsticks,tsp extra light soft cheese with rice cake,25g plain popcorn. Ive really had to limit my snacks because i was using too much of my allowance through snacking all day and on an evening so now i just allow myself 2 small snacks-one at 3:30 and again at 8pm but only if i really need them. If i have my proper meals at same time each day i tend not to want to snack anymore. I have to keep a routine so i stay in control!

Hickonthehill 05-13-2010 11:32 AM

Well done you guys who have lost the weight. I'm not really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow as I just know the pointer is going to just sit where it has the last couple of months.....well I hope it doesn't go up actually!! I did a good interval training session on the exercise bike last night and am away out for a walk in a min during my lunch hour. Am going to try to cram as much exercise as I can into my day (did 10 mins of stair walking while on the phone earlier!), so am hoping that kick starts my weight loss. Am liking the look of some of the snacks you guys mentioned. I'm not doing the full Atkins diet, but am really trying to lower my carb intake - which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Discovered cauliflower mash the other night - LOVE IT!

Right, off for that walk...keep it up all, we'll get there....:)

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