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zaba30 05-08-2010 06:35 PM

Hey, Sarah!
I'm also new here...and I'm not even from USA :-)
Great to see you're doing well! Keep it up!!!! ;-)
This morning I made pancakes to my boyfriend for breakfast (he wanted it so badly :-D) ...with chocolate gravy and I took just one ;-)) And they were small ones, home made recipe, so I know exactly what I put in it (not the powder from the store)...just an egg, flour and milk to make a mixture and literally with amount of one teaspoon of oil (for frying) and that was it!
Usally I can eat much more of these but I decided not to...
The only thing I didn't do today was my excercise...but we were pretty active through the night ;-) I guess that counts too?? :-)

traceymc1985 05-08-2010 08:32 PM

Hi Sarah well done! Im back upstairs again went downstairs for 2 hours and what did i!! I did the hot drinks but didnt brush my teeth which i should have before i went down. I went for my dinner and did good-salad,hoummous and 3 ryvita. Then as apudding i had a weightwatcher yoghurt and a banana. So far sounds ok but then an hour later i went back for hoummous and some breadsticks- (WAY TOO MANY BREADSTICKS!) Its all just too easy to grab. The thing is the foods im snacking on are not high calorie, i always buy reduced calorie products. I dont eat alot through the day either, the problem might be im not filling up on a good meal at teatime. I dont have regret on what ive eaten because its not neccesarily bad food (at least its not crisps and chocolate). Its just i know i didnt need it and if id have left it i could have a good weight loss each week. Its a bad habit! Ive had 1500 calories today- most of it consumed tonight but im going to try repair it before weigh-in on wednesday. Much easier through the week-weekends i struggle. Also my partner was busy upstairs and i wouldnt have done it if wasnt alone. When im out of the house or somebody with me i dont even think about food at all. HELP-I feel like an idiot-why cant i follow my own advice. I know what i should be doing but the willpower just isnt strong enough when alone. ONE DAY I WILL BREAK THE HABIT. Now im upstairs im fine, im going to turn into a recluse who cant leave my bedroom or ill eat the contents of my house. LOL!

traceymc1985 05-08-2010 08:38 PM

Hi Zaba they do say the best sort of exercise is bedroom aerobics!!!!!!!!! wink,wink

SarahLou120385 05-08-2010 09:01 PM

Hi Zaba, nice to meet you! I'm not from USA either, I'm from Wales, UK - where are you from? Well done for sticking to just the one pancake! I'm terrible at doing that, if I have anything at all I start wanting more so I have to take the no treats route unfortunately or I'll never stick with it! Tracey has a point, they do say that burns a lot of calories - kind of makes me wonder how I put on so much weight after I got married! lol! :D

Hey Tracey, don't feel too bad about snacking - like you said, at least it wasn't crisps or chocolate! :) In a way the worst junk food is the easiest to cut out because we can simply stop buying it - it's eating too much of the stuff around the house that's the big difficulty. I've written out a list of rules to follow (eg, number of meals allowed per day, size of portions, no snacks, etc), and I'm finding that having it written down in black and white makes it a bit easier to stick to, because I think ooo I fancy ___, but then I think, hang on, what does my list say? I think just thinking twice about it gives me enough chance to get myself back in control, maybe you could try something similar?

Hope you both have good days tomorrow! :D

Sarah x

traceymc1985 05-08-2010 09:28 PM

Sarah- thanks for the list idea will start writing it in the morning. Routine and rules may help me stick to it better. Will try really hard tomorrow- one day at a time!!! Nothing on tv either so ill be upstairs at 7pm and will post then and let you know how i get on with my day. Until tomorrow keep up the hard work x

traceymc1985 05-09-2010 02:14 PM

Good Day
Hello all nearly end of the weekend-hope you have all had a good one. I wasnt so good yesterday but ive got time of the month so feel better now-got rid of all that negative emotion and ive dropped some of the extra weight i was carrying. Im now 12st 3lbs and feeling much better about myself!!
I did some gardening today with my fella so thats helped me keep busy instead of sitting infront of tv snacking. Waiting for kids to get back then will make healthy dinner and enjoy it with family later. Ive got the school stuff to get ready for kids tomorrow so will do that when theyve gone to bed. That way i wont sit straight down and wont be tempted to snack.
Im just gonna keep thinking about seeing the scales get to 11st something. Not long now if i can just keep up the good work!
Hope everybody has been having a good weekend xx

Hickonthehill 05-10-2010 01:19 PM

Hi all, hope you don't mind another joining in? I've been using FitDay for a few months now and have lost 20lbs so far. Am aiming to lose about another 14'ish, but have hit a bit of a plateau. I'm trying to keep my carbs quite low, but am not doing the full Atkins thing as I like fruit and veg too much and don't personally think cutting them out entirely would be that healthy. I'm really just looking for a bit of help sticking to it, and if anyone has got any handy hints as to how to do that....they would be more than welcome. I'm from Scotland in the UK - and it's snowing!!!!! What's that all about!?!?!:(

traceymc1985 05-10-2010 09:27 PM

On a Roll
Hello everyone and welcome hickonthehill. Snow!!! I too love my fruit and veg and im just choosing the healthy options instead of bad stuff. Ive lost 3 stone so far and im looking to lose another 2!! Ive been doing really good past week and its paying off. My moods are loads better and my determination is back!! Thankyou members its all because of your support that im back on track. Its been 5 months since i lost the 3st and i didnt think i could get that mindset back to losing my last bit but i have, I really have!!! It feels like a relieve because its taken me ages to get back my willpower!
All i want to say is everyone keep going and we are all here to help each other through the good and the bad. Id be lost without fitday, it teaches me more and more about my relationship with food,dieting and life in general everyday! It has helped me out of a black hole id thrown myself back into but now im climbing the top again x

zaba30 05-10-2010 09:34 PM

Hey to all of you here! :-)

Sarah, you've asked me where I come from? Croatia. So if I make some mistakes in my english - sorry! :-)

About little treats to myself - I'm not a fan of doing it when I'm alone, but when someone is with me then, somehow, it's easier. Why? Can't explain.

Hickonthehill, you say it's snowing in Scotland? Jesus!!! :-/ That's why is here in Croatia is so cold and rainy :-/
Sorry, but I can't give you any advice with your diet because I'm not doing any of it, just working my ass out of exercise and watch out on my calories a little bit, but I eat almost all (but I can't even look at the chocolate :-D). I hope the girls here will have more to share with you.
Btw, I've been in Scotland last winter for a New Year's - A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!! ;-)

traceymc1985 05-10-2010 09:52 PM

Hiya zaba how old are you and what are your goals? Im 25 and i weigh 12st 3lbs. I aim to be 10st 7lbs by september. I am 5ft 3inches. Ive been a member for a week and its excellent support,its certainly kept me going everyday since. Ive already lost 3stone last year but i really want to get to goal! Good luck with it all and im here if you need any advice.

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