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bjmcnm 08-26-2013 12:19 AM

Starting again
Hi, I'm Booie. Just getting started with FitDay and starting again to lose weight and improve my health. I want to be able to do recreational road cycling.

I lost 80 lbs many years ago doing low fat, calorie restricted diet with 4-5 x a week cardio and weights. Over the years the weight crept back on.

Three years ago I lost 50 pounds on low carb. I have put back much of that weight.

So I am trying to lose again but do it in a way that I can maintain long term. I'm older, I have a more sedentary job and I'm past menopause. I expect this time to be even more challenging than in the past.

I thank you all in advance for the support and wish everyone success with their personal weight loss goals.


topspally 09-15-2013 03:28 AM

HI Booie,
Good for you! You are back at it and working to be fit. Remember it is fitness we are here for, not to be skinny, not to weigh what we did in high school, we are here to use FitDay tools, resources, support and information. I am so happy you are here. My motto is Remember to believe in yourself and it's never too late! It is true. You came here knowing we would be here waiting to cheer you on. You go! Remember to consult your health care professional, don't believe there is a magic pill, work at it and you will succeed. You have had success before, it is there for you when ever you are able to work at it. We are here for you. Keep us updated on your journey. :-)

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