Hi all. I'm steven

  • Hey everyone, my name is Steven, newcomer here, just joined tonight.

    I took a big step getting in shape in August 2011, when I changed my life with a diet and exercise routine. I went from 195lbs to 150 lbs in two months and was very happy to have maintained a great body until now.

    Unfortunately, due to longer working hours and an unhealthier diet in the last few months, I've gained back a few pounds, and I'm up to 163lbs and to be honest, I barely noticed until a friend pointed it out to me a couple days ago.

    It reminded me that I never achieved my initial goal of getting abs (which I was very close to back in 2011) and hence the username, so I'm determined to follow through from now on.

    I hope to find the education and motivation on this site to keep going long after I notice the first results. And also to keep strong on my diet because my girlfriend and friends make the worst choices in food.

    Nice to meet you all and I hope we can be motivation buddies!

  • Good Luck Steve being you have done it once you should be able to quickly do it again
  • Glad you chose to join us on FitDay Steve. You know you can do it and that is a major hurdle for some of us. Now remember what you did then and we'll cheer you on to glory :-)
    I know what you mean about partners and friends making bad food choices. I had to watch everyone in my group eat fish and chips while I ate a fruit plate with celery on the side because that was the only low cal thing in the place. I tell people that I am special, I am allergic to deep fried foods hahahaha.
    You will get there with FitDay!
  • Haha I'm lactose intolerant so that helps keep away the fatty snacks but the fried foods are the killer! Thanks for your support!