7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 7-15-2013

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  • I'm still here--just having a hard time keeping up with all the posts. Things are sorta crazy here with our grandson's wedding tomorrow night and enjoying dinner Sunday night with family visiting from Florida.

    Hope (canary52, newbies.) Welcome back! Thanks for your kind words about my new pic. Kudos on the healthful drinks, but yucko on the flax oil. I gave it a try two or three times and found it so nasty. I can eat flaxmeal easily as a cold or hot cereal using whey protein powder and water for the "milk." I hope you find great relief with the acupuncturist. I've never had it but believe it would work. Any plans for your July 25 wedding anniversary? We're celebrating 42 years the day before yours. We'll just go out to dinner alone--that's what we enjoy doing. But I'll take a huge party in 8 more years.

    Quinn, that had to be really scary facing that surgery, especially knowing the tumor was so close to your spine. I'm so glad you count the numb leg as a blessing compared with the "could have beens." I know how lucky DH and the driver he pulled out in front of were. Sorry about your family and neighborhood's recent bouts with traffic accidents. You and I were in Mackinaw the same weekend last year and we just went to the Smokey Mts. the first week of June, but just for two nights and three days. I hope you get to do your hiking this fall.

    Jenn, sorry to read about your mom's run-in with the cabbie. Everyone OK?

    Mel-Mc, LOL on your "shoulder princess." I never hit or spanked my kids when they were young, but if I had to deal with Veruca I'd be tempted to whop her upside the head.

    Robin, was anyone hurt in the accident in your neighborhood?

    Claire, so sorry about the loss of your hamster. Pets are family.

    I have to get moving. So much to do to prepare for the weekend celebrations. I've been on track foodwise all week. May allow myself a couple controlled cheats at the wedding and dinner with Florida relatives.

    Kudos to all who are doing well and big cyberhugs of support to those who are struggling.
  • Thursday update:

    1. log food every day M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y
    2. keep calories between 1400-1600 M=1500, T=1400, W=1685, T=1432
    3. exercise on my lunch hour at least twice = 2 done

  • Wishing you a wonderful day full of celebration, happiness, and hugs.
  • Quote: Robin, was anyone hurt in the accident in your neighborhood?
    Yes it was bad

    You know, I miss Ian Steele. Due to time zones he would post between the time I went to bed and got up in the am (normally a quiet time on here). Where are you Ian Steele?

    I am thinking of doing the fat flush water, apparently it was used on the biggest loser -it's the one with grapefruit, tangerine and cucumber. Any thoughts?
  • happy birthday quinn!!!!!

    sorry I couldn't get anything fancier; I couldn't even get caps so please imagine caps and wonderful graphics and the best wishes ever.
  • HEY MERN! Happy anniversary to you!!! Did I mention my anniversary? I don't remember. If not, how did you know? No real plans, just a nice dinner. 31 years for us. Do you have plans for yours? Congrats on DS wedding!!!

    Quinn, holy cow on your surgery. I just read Mern's post. I hope you heal quickly and completely.

    Robin, sorry to hear about the accident in your neighborhood. I saw there was an accident in my neighborhood and called my child to make sure she was not there. Neve wracking when they drive.

    Out of curiosity, Robin, why watermelon every day? Is there, I imagine, some benefit?
  • Goals:
    1) plan what i'm eating - n n, n, y
    2) stretch every day -y,y, y, y
    3) meditate - y, y, y, y
    4) practice Spanish -y, y, no, si
    5) write 25 hours a week -not looking good.... may be wrong goal
    6) do not spend too much time online: y, y, no, NO
  • Happy birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings to all those celebrating! And happy Friday to everyone else.
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hubby took the day off so that we can play hookie and maybe take a drive out to my favorite winery to "re-stock". lol (...medicinal purposes, of course! ) A little wine tasting may be just what the doctor ordered!

    Again hugs for the birthday greetings!

  • Enjoy your family wedding tomorrow, Mern! Sending good wishes your way for a wonderful day!