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Originally Posted by Mel-Mc
Boo! Up a pound today. Even knowing that it is probably nothing but heat bloat from this awful weather and the salty pretzels I chose for a snack yesterday evening I still choose to sulk about it. (stomps feet, kicks the scale, glares).

There. Now that my inner princess got that out it's back to careful food choices and exercise.
Ok that was very adorable

Donna thanks for sharing that about the inches vs weight. Is that a reasonable goal for one week?

I saw this watermelon cleanse and thought it sounded good but I decided I would eat normal food plus all this extra watermelon. I'm not interested in a pure cleanse. Too hard! Anyway who knows if this will do anything but I don't think it can hurt me.

2/2 on swimming so far this week.
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It's going to be another very hot day so I am going to exercise early today.
I am so glad that the treadmill is in the basement where it is cooler. Lets all have a great day.
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1. Keep to carb limit yes no
2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water--probably should do more!! yes, yes
3. 4 servings of fruits/veggies yes no
4. Work on some writing
5. Clean kitchen (working on it) yes

Congrats to the people exercising in the heat! Oh boy I have very little energy even with the a/c on. Yesterday it got up to 44C/110F.

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Default Tuesday

  • Calorie Deficit (Avg) -250/day: -429, -443
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: 2, 3
  • Cholesterol < 200 mg/day: 213, 205
  • Sugar < 40g / day: 31, 43
  • Protein > 50g / day: 84, 64
  • Workout > 150 min/week: 60, 10
Robin, I don't know if my 1/2 inch goal is reasonable for one week, but I know the tape barely budged last week, so it's probably not for me. I'm also fairly certain that if I don't try to 'lose' a bit, then I might start to gain, and I don't want that! A calorie deficit by day won't work for me over a weekend, so I'm trying to just average it out (just not a 'rolling' average).

About the watermelon - Wouldn't a watermelon cleanse be a diet of mainly sugar? Doesn't sound very healthy to me...

- Donna

HEY MERN! How's that fridge?

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For yesterday:
1.) Be reasonable on calories - M: Not really, T: Y
2.) Drink water - M: Okay, T: Okay
3.) Exercise -
M: Gym - Done
T: Run 5 miles - Done
W: off (driving to Baltimore)
Th: Run 4 miles
F: maybe Gym, maybe off (depends what friend wants to do)
S: Run 6 miles
Su: off
4.) Finish this paper and send it to collaborators by Friday!!!! - M: Servers were down, not much done, T: Doing alright

I just checked the weather for Baltimore today - holy cow! i'm wearing as few clothes as possible while still being decent. It's gonna be hot!
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It's Wednesday and the week is almost half over. To all the people suffering in the heat, I hope you all drink plenty of water and try to stay cool. I hate walking in the heat but mostly the humidity. I have been walking at 11 pm outside, so I can avoid it.

I have never heard of the watermelon cleanse. I do know that watermelon is super high in Lycopene, which is great for cardiovascular health and bones. The best thing is it is a yummy alternative to unhealthy sweets.

Libby: I can relate to rewarding yourself for control. In past attempts to lose weight, I would reward myself with unhealthy food every time I would reach a mini goal. Crazy huh? The reward this time is obtaining better health and just feeling better. I can't wait to reward myself with buying a whole new wardrobe.

Week goals:

1. Research five different ways to relieve stress: Yes Tai chi, Yes Deep Breathing
Tai chi: A gentle way to fight stress -
Stress management: Breathing exercises for relaxation
2. Log in all food intake: Yes, Yes
3. Stay under 1,200 calories a day: Yes, Yes (actually I am not getting enough calories in, hard to eat when it's so hot)
4. Walk 5 out of the 7 days this week: Yes, Yes
5. Lose 2 pounds: Thinking positive
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Marce, welcome. So sorry to learn of your pain, but you are right that eating better can go a long way in helping to relieve some of it, as can exercise.

Robin, thanks for your kind words. I don't always have time to respond to all the posts, but when I can I'm so yacky that y'all think I do. LOL Things are so busy for me this summer with an unusual number of family gatherings and committments. I didn't have time to read our thread yesterday. Our second oldest grandson is getting married Friday and I've been trying to gather an outfit that will help camoflauge my huge belly and butt. I found one that at lease camoflauges my belly fat rolls. Just have to find shoes today. Wow, thanks for YOUR post to us backsliders. You are so right--what led to my backsliding was my own self-pity. We do need to learn to give ourselves credit for days and times we didn't backslide. Like yesterday, a couple times I almost caved but had the willpower to resist Subway cookies and snack cakes that DH bought. And I did decide yesterday it wasn't worth the cheat and decided that today I'd be totally faithful to my healthful eating plan.

Have to run errands and deal with DH wrecking his car today. Backed out of our driveway and didn't see a pickup truck coming... No one was hurt.
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Mern, congratulations on your grandson getting married! I bet that is exciting. Also, I am sorry to hear about the wreck and hope everyone is okay.
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Originally Posted by dmartz
Robin, [..]

About the watermelon - Wouldn't a watermelon cleanse be a diet of mainly sugar? Doesn't sound very healthy to me...
I'm apparently wrong. From WebMD:
Watermelon is everyone’s favorite summertime fruit. But because it is so naturally sweet, some people avoid it because they think it's high in sugar.
Elizabeth Ward, RD, author of Expect the Best, says watermelon should be a staple in everyone’s diet. "It is fun to eat, sweet, juicy, low in calories, and chock full of vitamins C and A, potassium, and lycopene. Because it is so high in water, it helps meet fluid needs."

Ok, but it's still not ~my~ favorite summertime fruit!

Mern: Congrats to grandson, sorry about the car. Glad no one was hurt.
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Whew, Mern, sooooo glad no one was hurt! What a way to start the day, though.

On a much lighter note, have I ever mentioned that I. HATE. TO. SWEAT????? I had taiko class last night. Even with fans going, it was hhhhhhhhoooooooottttttt. The other participants were shimmering and glistening, their faces beautifully accentuated and glowing. Me? I was a hot mess. Literally. Face all blotchy, sweat-streaks on my cheeks. Huffing and blowing and feeling, at times, like I might just melt into a sad, stinky puddle with those little cartoon squiggles arising from it. I cannot WAIT for summer to be over.

Hating to sweat is the biggest reason I don't really take to exercise. If it weren't so inconvenient (cleaning up after and oh yeah, we don't have a class anywhere nearby that I'm aware of), I'd do water aerobics only. Yes, you sweat during water aerobics, but you don't know it. Hmmmm now that I think about it, swimming in everyone else's sweat... ew... Ok, scratch that -- back to the 'puter for me.

Anyway, not too much going on here. Still didn't make a goals list (tsk, tsk, bad Epixi), but keeping to the logs and not doing toooo badly. Same old, same old; decent on calories and sodium, not so great on fiber and protein. /shrug

Hey, it's Wednesday -- happy rest of the week, everyone!
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