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Monkeydave86 06-20-2013 07:33 AM

Commitment and some ownership
Morning all

I'm Dave from UK and like the majority of people I'm trying again to lose weight after several failed attempts.

I've done it before (losing weight), and after slimming down to 180lbs last summer (I'm 5ft 11" btw) I'm now weighing in at 208lbs.

I really got into running last year but suffered an overuse injury which put me out for a few months. I then broke my collarbone so exercising of any sort was very very limited.

I'm now realitively active again but my diet has been horrific. I know a few days of decent eating will motivate me to stay on track.

I have my birthday next month (19th July) and I'd love to be close to 190lbs by then. I have a friends wedding end of August which I'd like to be down to 180lbs for but I appreciate this is a tough goal to achieve.

I'm 100% commited to this and it's time I started to do something about this.

I've taken a video of my weigh in and I'll get stills from that to use as a comparison.

I'll log these pics once a month to show change but I'm going hard into this and I will not fall victim to temptation.

Winners never quit, quitters never win!

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