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eplettl 05-07-2013 12:10 AM

I'm back!!
I've had success in the past with fitday and weightwatchers AND kept my weight off for long time, but then age 45 hit and the weight crept back on. I've got 25 pounds to lose to get back to skinny ol' me. but have to say, it sure isn't as easy as it used to be. Anybody in the same boat? I'm doing low fat, cutting calories, oh yes and trying not to be completely immobile...I'm horribly out of shape--running is out of the question LOL

Tubby in Toronto
highest weight: 200 plus (ok I was preggers):
lowest: 125
just right: 130

episode2011 05-07-2013 02:17 PM

Hi there, Epletti! Welcome back!

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