7 Day Motivational Thread, starting April 28: Onward and Downward!

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  • Haven't really done well updating this week.
    I got my water in and veggies and fruit yesterday. And a 30 min walk.

    We did stop at Tim Horton's this morning but I only had coffee. Pretty good since I had a disappointing day yesterday. Something I wanted to go to but it just won't work out. Oh well, life happens.
    There will be a couple of dinners out this month and I need to plan accordingly. A1C is over a 3 month period so once June 1 hits I need to be very aware of everything I eat!

  • Iíll be out all day tomorrow, so Iíll log calories. When Iím at home, I know my daily food intake falls within a good range -- barring no big slip-ups. Out of the house, Iíll need to keep track.

    Jenn - sorry you had a disappointing day yesterday. But good for you for not turning that into emotional eating and only having coffee this morning.

    Donna - glad you got to go to the exhibit and glad you enjoyed it.

    Mern - I think any extra bit of exercise is good. When I find myself standing, waiting for the microwave, I try to at least do a side-to-side step. Iíve watched some of the Leslie Sansone walking videos online. I do some of her walking while Iím watching tv. I donít go fast, just whatís comfortable - so a half hour can fly by doing that. Itís not that much calorie wise, but I figure something is better than nothing.

    1. 3 meals + 2-3 snacks (no extra snacking) Y, Y,Y,Y, Y
    2. 2-3 min. exercise before meal prep, snacks. Y,Y,Y,N (I forgot to do it sometimes), Y
    3. An hour extra movement a day: N (35 min), N (40), Y (60), N (40), N (50)
    4. No sugar, white flour: Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
    5. Small bites and put fork down between bites: mostly
    6: Weight same or down: same; maybe down, down,down, same

    1. Calories under 1300: 1286, 1269, 702 (too low, I know, it just worked out that way), 1055, 1101, 1056
    2. An hour extra movement a day: N , N, Y, Y,Y, Y
    3. No sugar, white flour: N (ate 4 potstickers), N (6 pretzels), Y, Y,Y, Y
    4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.- getting better at stretching snacks and meals out
  • Donna: good going on doing something new, that exhibit sounds fascinating.

    I too am going to try the baked zuchini.......I saw the recipe before on facebook but didn't know whether to try it.

    Jenn....only a coffee that's so awesome I know what temptations those treats are.

    Well I've been at the fundraiser from 7:30 til now 4. It was a busy day. A martial arts tournament to raise money for Easter seals. The drama continued unfortunately although it was pretty low key, everyone put their professional faces on for the fundraiser and we and the kids had fun. I do all the registration for the divisions, 115 participants today to organize according to their age, belt level and activities (e.g., self-defence, etc). I am pretty wiped out lol and probably won't walk or anything today. Think I'll veg out. They had pizza and fries for the volunteers and so I packed a lunch to eat there. Proud of that.
  • Robin, good for you packing a lunch!
  • Thanks Jenn

    Today I am making chocolate fudge for a school sale. They specifically requested Choc fudge and I LOVE it.........this is going to be interesting. It helps that I am not making it for the family but I can't see getting through this without a little bit of spoon licking.
  • Sat
    • Workout > 150 min/wk: 55, 20, 60, 15, 10, 0
    • Calories Avg. < 1400 /day: 1195, 1198, 1290, 1528, 1815, 2226
    • Cholesterol < 200mg: 60, 20, 123, 142, 129, 224
    • Vegetables > 3 / day: 1, 0, 5, 2, 3, 5
    • Protein > 50 g / day: 54, 31, 58, 85, 60, 107
    • Do something I've never done before: Y (art/architecture exhibit)
    Salad w/ chicken & avocado for lunch, Beef filet, asparagus & rosemary roasted potatoes for dinner. Kentucky Bourbon (& chocolates) in between.

    Jenn: Kudos for being strong and not succumbing to the tempting pastry. Yes, life happens, but life is also the choices you make.

    Robin: BONUS Points for packing a lunch! Best of luck with the Fudge! I certainly couldn't handle that temptation.

    Some may note that I'm back on my sugar kick again! I think that needs to be added to my goals next week.

    - Donna
  • [QUOTE=dmartz;98615
    life is also the choices you make.

    I haven't been making the right choices. I'm up 2lbs today. I'm not sure why I was surprised I haven't been eating as well as I should.
    I got away from logging. I need to get back on track as I don't want to continue to see it go up!

  • I would love to lay off logging and it's easy to find excuses. But it works!

    Donna, I see you are on an on-going venture to get sugar tracked individually. Good luck with that. Enough pressure and it should eventually get done.
  • Quote: Donna, I see you are on an on-going venture to get sugar tracked individually. Good luck with that. Enough pressure and it should eventually get done.
    Well, I was trying pressure earlier in the year, and then laid off. I would have let it go if someone hadn't started the thread up again, wrote that sugar wasn't 'usually' listed on food labels. Since I knew where I could easily cite the facts of the matter, I couldn't let that statement stand unchallenged.

    - Donna
  • Peek-a-boo, I C U! Didja miss me?

    Just got back. I kept copious notes on on-the-road food. It was NOT pretty but it WAS yum de yum yum de-li-cious ! Haven't had time to update the food log. I'll probably need a day just to enter all the custom foods, I think! If I were to guess, I'd guess my average daily calories for the last 4 days is 5000+ . We won't even talk about the sodium. I had a sausage link that, I swear, tasted like a salt-lick (I could only eat half). And, because I was on the road, my plain-water consumption was pretty much zero.

    Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day. Am I terrified? You betcha!

    But it is what it is and what will be, will be. Tomorrow is a clean slate; hold the wagon, I'll be jumping back on, I promise. Tonight, I finish this bag of M&Ms. It's a little bag. Really.