I'm back

  • I had a major back slide and searched for my motovation! I thought it best to ask God to jump in and guide me. the info in my signature is old my relaps took me back to 350 and today day two I am at 346. I hope all here are doing well !!!!
    You see in July of 2012 I learned one of the things a parnet never wants to hear, My youngest daughter had been assaulted in the worst kind of way at the hands of my oldest daughters husband for a period of almost 2 years starting when she was 13!, the trial was feb 20-21 and we got a guilty verdict!, pending sentancing in May,, so I fell off my wagon ! my youngest daughter is dealing with it ok ,my oldest daughter has lost her mind , all her dreams are gone in a second ! , I have a strong and supportive family many came for the trial and were huge helps! Thanks for letting me vent!
  • Welcome back Bo!
  • Thanks Mike great progress pictures !!
  • Hey BO! Been wondering where you have been! Sorry about everything your family has gone through. I welcome you back.

  • Thanks,, it feels good to be back !
  • Welcome back! Sorry for what your family went through
  • had a great week!
    I certainly appreciate, the welcome back, my motovation has been restored I watched a video on youtube about a guy named tony who went fro 398 to 198 in one year, not that I am focused on the time but there is more to Tonys story. he lost his Son of 27years a girl friend who would not support his weight loss efforts, but yet did it ! Today I weighed in at 342 down from 349, I already feel better, next week I will start excercising ! Happy Easter and God bless all