7 Day motivational thread 3/11/13

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1. Log everything and post daily. Yes
2. Make good decisions and eat clean. Yes!
3. Move some every day (and do the walking challenge). Yes...squeezed in 2 miles, ~3.2k
4. Work steadily but not frantically. One thing at a time. So-so
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Cassie Thanks I also want spring to be here I am tired of the rainy grey west coast weather.

Quinn Welcome back!

Jezzie Sorry to hear that back pain is not fun at all.

Mike Nice deficit.

Robin & Nobe Nice kís today!!

Walk 10k: M=1.2K
Calories less than 1500: M=1241
Calorie deficit of 5000: M=-797
Squats twice: M=N
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All walkers - great day -Nobe- wow. Glad you bought the pedometer!

Jessie, sorry to hear about your back. I just went through a physical issue with no exercise for about a month and I had to really focus on the diet........take the care it needs.

I cannot imagine HOW to get a walk in today. Crazy scheduling day. Today I go back to Tae Kwon Do after work. I have been gone for over a month. I've never really included it in my exercise, I have been doing it for so long, but maybe after this break I will burn some calories there.

Pot roast in the slow cooker, no fast food tonight
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Default Mon.

  • Workout > 120 min/wk: 15
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 90
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 43
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: N (some + lots of fruit)
  • Calories < 1250 (M-Th): 900
  • Calories < 1800 (F, S, S):
Dropped my weekday cal goal down a bit. Needed more protein & veggies.

Mern: Congrats on the great check-up.

Jezzie: Sorry to hear you threw your back out. Hopefully you will stay in the 'hundreds' during your convalescence.

Carolyn: I thought I had an evil scale, so I got a new one, which tells me the same thing as the old one, but to the tenth of a pound! It's even more devilish.

Mike, Sounds like you're getting serious about weight loss. You might want to watch that your cals don't drop too low on Weds, or you'll be dragging for the fund raiser. And I know you'll want your wits about you for that.

- Donna
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Thanks for the pointer Donna.

I weighed in this morning at 194.8 (-2.6 in 1 day). I'm sure it's 100% water weight. I guess we'll see what the next few days have for me.
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I had another good weigh in last Saturday morning. 169.4. Down from 173 2 weeks prior.

I think I am on the right track. I have great days and bad days (more great) so it's balancing out. I thought I hit a plateau but it doesn't appear so. My clothes are a bit loose. I can finally see some results. :-) I'm really dreading a plateau. My goal is 1.5 lbs a week for another 9 weeks and I will be ecstatic! But any loss really is great :-) 13.6 so far is great!

Goals for this week:

1) 10,500 calories for the week spaced out
2) Walk 30 minutes 5 days (combine walk/retro/jog)
3) 20 minute workout 4 days
4) WATER!!
5) Track food and activities here
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Good day yesterday. I wrote down what I ate but didn't have time to log. I didn't eat enough veggies but I got my water in. Did 15 mins Wii boxing in the morning. I want to see if I can tone my arms more before summer and t-shirt weather.

Going to tea room with friend who is off for March Break (teacher). Should be fun.

Donna too funny about the scale!
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Miraculously I fit in a walk today. Thanks all of you (walkers and nonwalkers) because if it wasn't for this thread I would not have done this today. 1.6k again. At lunchtime. That's 3.2 so far.

Everyone is doing so well with their goals so far this week!
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I love daylight savings time - I love it being light later. I had been getting up and doing yard work for a half hour to an hour between 6:30 and 8. Now it's dark then. I know I can do it later, but it felt good to accomplish something and get a half hour of exercise in before the day had hardly started. I did some push ups and crunches when I got up today, but I have to think about what other exercise I want to get in early now.

quinn - LOL at "treating daughter like an adult when home on spring break". So hard to do sometimes. Your goal of focusing on eating healthy rather than weight loss is smart, IMO. I'm trying to do that too.

nobe - how about incorporating your 3 yr old (that's such a cute age!!!!) into some of your exercises. Put on some lively music and dance around with him/her. Go to the park and race each other. Lie on your back and raise your child up on your legs and move him/her up and down. There are probably lots of sites that have ideas for exercising with children. Each individual thing might be only 5 or 10 minutes, but it all adds up. I like to exercise while watching tv too.

Mike - congratulations on your day 1 weight loss.

Jezzie - I hope your back heals soon.

whyme - bravo! on your weight loss. I'm trying to lose about 1.5 lbs a week too. It's so nice when clothes feel looser.

Robin - I admire your dedication to walking. Thinking about your pot roast is making me hungry.

Jenn - I'm also trying to tone my arms. I'm doing push-ups, and using weights (putting my hands in back of my shoulders and raising and lowering them). What are you doing?

Donna - Most scales are too darn truthful! That's why I avoided mine for too many months.
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Red face

Thanks Darlene, Robin, Carolyn and Donna for the thoughts. Pain seems to diminish my appetite - only 700 calories yesterday and 270 so far today. I can actually stand straight today for a few minutes:-) . I just hope this doesn't keep me laid up for too long!! Very thankful for my tablet to use while horizontal.
Have a great, on track day all :-) Positive thoughts coming your way!
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