7 day motivational thread 3/4/13

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Got another short walk in, only 2km. It was too cold, even with all my winter gear on. That puts me at 15km so far this week.
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Originally Posted by Robingen
Got another short walk in, only 2km. It was too cold, even with all my winter gear on. That puts me at 15km so far this week.
2km is pretty good !
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Originally Posted by Jezzie8 I said, stop to ask yourself if this is what your body needs vs is this what my emotions are craving. If you stop long enough to think about it and reason with yourself, in most cases it will pass.
So true. The problem, of course, is getting myself to stop long enough. That's something I really need to work on.

Jenn - fantastic job on the weight loss!

Hope - I wouldn't worry about the water. From everything I've read, the 8 glasses of water a day thing is a myth - and no one's been able to trace back where that recommendation started.

Robin - at least walking with all the winter gear on burns extra calories!

Boo - hope you'll be feeling better tomorrow.
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Doing two days because I forgot yesterday (logged everything but forgot to come on here). Thanks for the words of support, everyone!

My stepmom emailed me today wanting help with her "diet". She went to her doctor today and her cholesterol and blood pressure are dangerously high. It's frustrating though because last year she kept asking me how I was losing weight and when I told her she was like, "ew, I hate vegetables, ew, I could never eat All-Bran, ew, chicken is gross." And she's always so black and white about losing weight. She'll eat garbage and do nothing but sit at the computer for months and then all of a sudden will eat rabbit food and run 4k on the treadmill every day for two weeks. And then she quits because it's too hard. Her favourite meal is plain spaghetti with mashed potatoes. I don't really want to help her because she doesn't listen, but basically, if she doesn't listen she will probably die. Ugh.

I tried to call her but she wasn't home (she was at bingo, undoubtedly eating white bread and processed cheese grilled cheese sandwiches), so I ended up talking to my dad about it for half an hour. He used to eat lots of vegetables but doesn't so much anymore because she hates them. He still eats more than she does, and he's out in his garden 8 hours a day getting exercise. He's been trying to tell her to change her lifestyle rather than go on a diet for years (and he'd probably be glad to have more veggies in his diet), but she thinks she knows best and he's given up. She's such a child. She'd rather have a heart attack than replace some of her Baconators with veggies. I'm almost just mad at her at this point.

<1600 calories - 1739, 1497, 1534, 1459
>64oz water - yes, yes, yes, yes
>20% protein - 17%, 17%, 23%, 24%
walk on days off - worked, worked, 6k, don't know how far but was wandering downtown for 3+ hours
weights/calisthenics on days off - worked, worked, no, no
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Jenn Thatís fabulous! The dancing smile at the bottom of the page is for you! I wish I could figure out how to put them were I want

Mern Your chicken parm sounds good, thanks for the kind words but I must admit a lot of my good calorie numbers are coming from being too busy to sit down and eat and that can end badly for me so I need to keep this weekend in check.

Cassie Keep hanging in, you can do it!

Robin You rock, you are keeping me moving this week thanks!! I got a walk in before agility I figured it might calm her down before class it worked sort of.

Nobe Sorry to hear you worrying about your parents health hopefully they can learn by your example and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle change.

Have a great Friday everyone.

Walk 10k: M=3.7k, T=N, W=3.5k, W=2.2k
Calories less than 1500: M=1417, T=1260, W=1015, T=1176
Calorie deficit of 5000: M=-712, T= -798, W= -1100, T=-939
Squats twice: W=Y
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Jezzie: Thanks for the advice! I like the idea of doing something to take my mind off it. From now on when I have a craving I'm going to listen to a motivating song on my MP3 player.

Jenn: That's a fantastic loss, well done!!!! I'm proper jealous.

Mern and Robin: I was told by my trainer that I needed more calories when I was floating around the 1300-1500 mark. I'm trying to get it up over 1700+ but it's proving very difficult to do without loading up on junk. I'm not on a low carb diet, I usually net 150+ grams a day. Hopefully it's not a one-off, or once in a blue moon though as I feel fantastic today!
Robin, my dog is 10 years old now but has bad hips from being over bred so can't walk far without pain. Well done on your fantastic mileage this week!
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Daily goals!
1. Check-in to FitDay M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
2. 6+ Pints of water M=9 T=8 W=7.5 Th=7.5
3. Log everything M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
4. Take Vitamins M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
5. At least 100 grams protein M=99 T=139 W=113 Th=111
6. At least 4 Fruit/Veg M=5 T=5 W=7 Th=5
7. Have a 500+ calorie deficit M=1305 T=926 W=1314 Th=1563

Weekly goals!
1. 420+ minutes of cardio/strength training - 440
2. Record a loss (Wednesday) - -1.4lbs

Feel much better today, even considering a stupidly high deficit again. Just don't know how to get more in. I'm eating 4-5 meals a day!
Met my exercise goal for the week. After I'm back from holiday I may well increase it.

Calories consumed - 1485
Calories earned from exercise - 1118
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Went out at 7:15 am. Did 3k.
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1) plan ahead--yes, yes, sorta, yes
2) no fried foods--none, none, not one!, still holding strong
3) at least 4 bottles of water--nope, nuh uh, what do y'all think?, hahahaha
4) post something nice daily--got to spend some good quality time with The Jassi Cat, WHN doesn't have to work overtime tonight , actually worked a full day today...doesn't happen often on Wednesdays, work wasn't horrible and I spent a nice relaxing evening of nothing. I don't get enough of those kind of nights

I can't remember who asked (Darlene maybe) if I breaded the chicken before I baked it. I did use breadcrumbs. But only for a little bit of crunch. Gonna get back to work. Hoping for another strong day today for all of us!
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Rant: Fitday servers were being churlish again yesterday. When I went to log in, I kept getting redirected back to the login. I couldn't log my food, and that made me very unhappy. Today the v2 Ajax is not responding properly, (I'm on a win7 desktop, Firefox w/ no cache, ethernet clocked @ 5.75 down.) But at least I can log if I'm very determined and refresh alot.
If anyone says 'it's a cache issue' I'm going to spit, because the 'Brands' IT people should have implemented a proper fix for that long ago. But they haven't. I'm beginning to think I'm going to miss y'all here.

- Donna
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