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andyhood 02-19-2013 10:44 PM

New start - want to get it right this time!
hey everyone,

i've decided once again to try and shed the weight. I've tried several times before and either given up or put the weight back on again.

I'm currently 310lbs at 5ft8.5
Aiming to get down to 240lbs by the end of 2013 which I hope is doable. Planning on doing it by being a lot more sensible with what I eat, taking healthy meals to work so I don't end up eating out and just getting the most convenient thing along with plenty of chocolate! I've orded one of the slimming world books as well, as i know a number of people who said that it helped them to be a bit smarter with what food to eat.
Also planning on stepping up my exercise and planning to get out for a decent walk everyday and probably move up to running at some point, as well as actually using the kettlebell i bought about a year ago!

if anyone has any suggestions or tips they'd be most appreciated.

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