7-Day Motivational Thread for 2/18/13

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  • 1. 80-100 oz water daily M:Y, T:Y,
    2. eat what you brought to work M:Y, T:Y,
    3. workout 4 times during M-F M:Y, T:Y,
    4. Walk twice during M-W M:Y, T:N,
    5. snack wisely M:Mostly, T:HECK NO,
    6. laundry M:N, T:N,
    7. mend work socks for hubby (his steel toes kill them) M:N, T:N,

    Mostly a good day yesterday. Went overboard on snacking last night. Won't go into the food porn for y'all but it wasn't pretty. It was a controlled binge but it still wasn't pretty.

    Did not walk due to the "wintry mix" falling from the sky yesterday and today doesn't look promising either with high of 20 degrees and periods of snow.
    Still did my workout last night though. Did 20 minutes of kettlebell with 45 seconds cardio between each kettlebell set and then a 10 minute butt & thigh video.

    Work has given me a change up. They are realigning all of our sales districts and making special teams to support our school, healthcare & hospitality sales instead of our sales people who sell to independent restaurants. Being that I am in collections they felt it best to assign all of the school business to one collector so in realigning they have chosen me to be that person. I am not overwhelmed (yet!) but I know that I will be much busier until I get it all organized and down to a science. But that is why I was chosen for the job, they want it to be organized and well handled.

    Cassie...I applaud you knowing when it is time to revamp your goals during a busy stressful week.
  • Tuesday Report:
    Day 2 of 21-Day Mindset Makeover (metabolism jumpstart)

    Didn't learn my lesson yesterday. Again didn't make staying on track on my eating program a priority. Didn't deliberately go over--just not enough diligence. I must CONCENTRATE!

    Stick to guidelines for my eating program C+, C-
    Calories 1200-1800 1582, 1393
    Saturated Fat average 10% of daily calories 12%, 12%
    Dietary Cholesterol 250mg or less 188mg, 269mg so I have a green average of 229mg
    Protein minimum 100g 135g, 132g
    Net Carb Average 25g 31g , 30g
    Fiber Average 25g 33g, 13
    Exercise 5 days YES, YES
    Water 64 oz. YES, YES
  • Mern, you still have a lot of green in there. Yeah I went over on carbs yesterday too because I didn't know what to have for lunch.
    April, time to do laundry!

    So thankful for this forum to help keep me "honest"
  • Hey Everyone! I have been checking in every few days to see what's happenin'. Not a goal in sight for a few weeks though… Started last week with a terrible head cold, then DS brought the norovirus home from school (vomit, diarrhea, etc.). We all got it last weekend. DS is still out of school recovering. I have been on the noro diet though: minus 4 lbs in one day! Followed by a carb fest - so much for progress . Time to plan meals again, lay off the GS cookies and up the water… oh and I think I have a gym membership?

    morning smoothie - fruit and veggie
    lunch - banana, hard-boiled egg, toast
    dinner - split pea soup
    green tea/water all day
    snack - trail mix

    take DS out for a walk
    plant tomato seeds (starting them indoors 3 mo early)
    work from home as much as I can

    I hope everybody is well and doing great with your goals! Welcome to the newcomers!
  • Hi Ama I was wondering where you had been.
    UGH 3 out of 4 of my family members got that one time--it's nasty!! Drink plenty of fluids (which reminds me--I need to get a glass of water)
  • Oh, man! I had a long post I composed on NotePad and when I went to post it I right clicked and chose SELECT ALL but then instead of choosing COPY I hit DELETE by mistake! I don't have time to redo it all.

    Welcome to our new members
    Thanks to all for your encouragement
    Kudos to all who are doing well
    Hugs to those who are struggling
    Best wishes to Ama and family and everyone else who is sick.
  • Goals:
    1) 6 glasses H2O -10 no
    2) stretch - yes, yes
    3) plan food (inasmuch as possible) yes, yes
    4) try to stick to plan -yes close
    5) meditate -yes no
    6) write -yes, yes
    7) think before I speak -mostly no, I talk too much and without thinking
    turkey bacon and egg whites ( did one egg, one egg white)
    hamburger on Ezkiel bread or kippers -no, pretzels cause tummy hurt
    dinner (with DH, Mike and his GF):
    guacamole and carrots, some chips yes, very few chips
    cheese -yes
    shrimp marsala over whole wheat pasta -yes
    salad -yes
    fresh fruit -yes

    Mike great seeing you and your GF.
    Ama, what is the noro diet? I musta missed that. I hope you and the family feel better.
    Mern, don't you hate when that happens?
    Darlene, I feel your pain: in my case, I call it open mouth, insert thigh (instead of foot, I get the whole leg in there.)
    Donna, I'm with you about the sugars. Can it really be that hard for them to add? They do have all the other stuff.
    Hello to all and welcome new folks!!!!
  • Plan
    I ate an Ezkiel English muffin with soy cream cheese because I could not face another egg or egg white
    rest of the day:
    lunch: lefover shrimp, whole wheat pasta and salad
    dinner: chicken or fish and veg
    turkey breast and ham and cheese
    kippers (yeah, weird I know)
    12-15 cashews

    I finally got a new scale and was happy to see I prety much stayed the same. I was 128 for about ten minutes; (OK for one day.) The day I left I was 129 and that's how much I am now (pretty friggin good for two weeks in NOLA.) I would like to continue my downward tend till 125. I don't see how I could get much lower without feeling I was starving myself. Planning meals seems to work and hasn't been too bad (easier for me than tracking.) MUST DRINK MORE WATER. I'm gonna go take a sip (OK a gulp) now.
  • [QUOTE=canary52;95928]
    Ama, what is the noro diet? I musta missed that. I hope you and the family feel better.

    Hi Hope - The noro diet was my attempt at a bad joke . It is not recommended! It is what happens when you get the norovirus. 48 hrs of tossing up all food, not being able to eat, and being dehydrated. I decided not to record the loss lbs because they were a total fluke! But it was sure nice to see some really low numbers on the scale for a day or so! We're all on the mend now, thankfully!
  • Quote: Hi Ama I was wondering where you had been.
    UGH 3 out of 4 of my family members got that one time--it's nasty!! Drink plenty of fluids (which reminds me--I need to get a glass of water)
    Hi Jenn - 3 outa 4 - were you the lucky one that got away? In our house the lucky one (DH) got stuck with all the laundry... I just refilled my H2O glass - thanks for the reminder!