7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 2-4-13 WE'VE GOT THIS!

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  • Howdy y'all! I haven't made any concrete goals, but I've been doing well (except for the damned Krispy Kreme donuts sitting on the kitchen table, they're my downfall). I've been lurking, reading and such. I won't be home until rather late tonight, but will try to do a more lengthy response to everybody.

    Chin up my buttercups! We got this!!
  • Totals for today Calories 1450, Carb 135/protein 70.
  • Hey Jenn, great day! Hope you are feeling better. Way not to get discouraged about the 1 pound up but to stick to it! It will pay off. I'm sure it will.

    Joanna, I see lots of advice for you here, I guess we are all feeling your pain. I feel like its "feeling deprived" that has totally got you in it's grip. Making yourself a victim of your own weight loss journey is bound to create sabotage. My advice is not to change your diet or your exercise right now but rather re-evaluate your attitude and goals. I just feel like I have been caught before in that trap. That poor me because I am missing out on ..........name your poison (cake chips cookies whatever). For me personally I call that my addiction talking. Just my thoughts for what it's worth.

    Holy Moly Hope 128. That's so great.

    Mern I too would consider my posts "private" and would feel like someone was reading my journal. But apparently he did not see it that way, especially when he did it right in front of you. I am so glad you explained to him why it is private to you. And "lock it" so to say.

    As for me I went to Yin yoga today with my daughter so was super relaxed. I am staying at her house for a few days because of the whole driving thing (she is closer to my work). Still not being all that productive but eating well. Need to get "health food" at the store for at my daughters.
  • Joanna, I'm so sorry for your frustration. I'm just starting a program called 21-Day Mindset Makeover from the book DIET FREE FOR LIFE by Robert Ferguson. I got it brand new for only $6 and some change from amazon.com and that included the S&H. I don't know that I'll be skinny really soon (LOL) but, after a period of several months of gaining and stalling despite eating the best I knew how for blood sugar management AND weight loss, and exercising faithfully, drinking water, etc, the book did help me get the scale moving the right direction by eating the very same foods I've been eating, BUT eating them in a different way. Ferguson says the key to weight loss is keeping the blood sugar level by using a per meal and snack ratio of protein, carbs, and fat and making sure we eat a meal or snack every two to three hours. (You probably already stuff healthful snacks into your purse.) He even says you don't have to be perfect at it--just do the best you can. My scale is starting to move. I can't follow the plan perfectly because I do only 25 net carbs per day, BUT I'm applying his guidelines as best I can and it's working for me. I've found it extremely helpful to try to plan meals ahead but I often make reasonable substitutions if I don't feel like eating what I had planned or miss that opportunity. But I won't lie to you--it does take time pre-planning meals and getting the ratios to what I've learned works for me. But a perk is that I always feel I have plenty to eat and I do. I'm not trying to sell this book, just to toss it out as an idea for a "for cheap" amazon.com investment that may be of help. Big ol' skinny hug to ya!

    Jenn, it certainly does suck having to deal with blood sugar issues and trying to lose weight at the same time. I'm so hoping my new eating lifestyle (see my post to Joanna above) might be the key to getting me out of this #$%^& obesity. But I must say I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you having high blood sugar AND high protein. Is your doctor or a dietitian of any help in that area? Hate to hear about anyone having the privacy issues I encountered this morning, but good to know fellow members here understand my issues. Aw, those blasted scales! So annoying! Your food today sounds yummy.

    HOPE, thanks for the "I've/You've/We've Got This" inspiration.

    DONNA, thanks for remembering who said it. Question: is your cholesterol goal just 25mg? I don't blame you for putting off the cholesterol test when it could be skewed by an unusually high cholesterol intake for a couple days. Even meds can skew it. Best wishes for staying on the straight and narrow the rest of the week.

    Frenchhen, it's just wonderful that you're only four lbs. from goal. We recognize that you worked hard to earn being that close. Congratulations and best wishes for making it to the goal line soon.

    Cassie, I had no idea there is such a thing as vestibular rehab exercise. Here's hoping it will from now on be just isolated episodes and not chronic again. I'm sure it must be scary! I'm so glad you got a good dealer who is willing to do the repairs on DS's car. I hope you love your new car. My car is a 2000 model and I got it used 8 years ago. Have been so lucky--only repairs have been routine maintenance and a new starter last year. I'm going to hang onto it as long as it's cost effective to repair it. I'm not looking for a car payment either--we haven't had any since 2009 when DH's car was paid off.

    Tori, thanks for popping in and giving us some encouragement. Much appreciated. Hope to catch you later.
  • Robin, I believe you are right that my DH did not see it as an invasion of my privacy when he attempted to read my stats and posts right in front of me. That may be why it's hard for him to remember to respect my wishes. But, golly, if I had YOUR stats, I might post them on the living room wall for my DH to see all the time. Seriously--congrats on a job well done! How nice that you enjoyed yin yoga with DD. Wonderful that you can stay at her house for a while. Best wishes on getting in a supply of health foods.
  • Well with 2.5 weeks away from my half marathon, I figured I should get busy and train. I went for a walk and it was MISERABLE!! I am definitely not going to be ready. I was only able to get in 2, slow miles and was in pain just about the entire way.
  • Thanks for the congrats on my new low, everyone!!!

    Mern, my pleasure, literally, that "you got this" ended up on this thread but it's what everyone has been saying to each other here in one form or another for a long time. Donna, thanks tho I could not find the post where you mentioned it!!!

    Joanna, I hope you feel the warmth that surrounds you here and know that you are not alone.
  • Thanks for all the supportive words You Guys are Fantastic and I appreciate everyone's help Today's been good so far but I got home late and haven't eaten so I will probably post tomorrow, I hope you all have a great night!
  • Goals:
    1) stretch - PT yes
    2) do the exercises the Marquis de PT gave me - yes see above, yes
    3) can I please drink a little more water!!! What is up with that!!! no a little more but not enough
    4) letting go does not mean giving up. So let go but.... Noyesnoyes - I had to; noyes
    5) don't give up. Bitter is OK for some green vegetables, but not for me. - woke up bitter, went to sleep not as bad; trying....
    I'm adding these:
    6) plan meals- yes
    7) stay close to plan - yes
    8) lighten up, Francis (thanks to Anne LaMott for inspiration) - ummm...could be lighter, then again, I have been darker

    egg whites and sausage or ham (local or no nitrite): egg white and no nitrite turkey bacon
    turkey breast sandwich - 1/2 chicken, goat cheese, avocado and lettuce sandwich on Ezkiel bread
    fish and veg - some grilled grouper, salmon, broccoli
    nuts -no
    dried kale - yes
    fruit - clementines and pineapple
    lox - yes
    1 tiny pickle
  • Plan for Wed:
    egg whites and ham
    1/2 chicken, 1/2 turkey breast, goat cheese, avocado and lettuce sandwich
    seafood chowder, blackened fish, veg (restaurant so it might change)
    dried kale
    sf biscotti