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7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 2-4-13 WE'VE GOT THIS!


7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 2-4-13 WE'VE GOT THIS!

Old 02-05-2013, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by bojibridge
So... I weighed in this morning. It wasn't pretty and I got pretty dang upset about it. But it did make me really think back about last week and realize that even with all the low blood sugars (which I fully realize are out of my control) I did eat a lot of unnecessary food. I don't know that I deserved to see quite the high number that I got, but what are you gonna do? I do think that this kind of thing is part of the reason why I like weighing in daily - maybe I could have realized just how off the rails I was going and caught it earlier before I was up 45 million pounds from last week. I'm trying really hard to not be discouraged and extra pissed right now. Basically, despite all my workouts I've been doing for the past 6 weeks, I've gotten nowhere, and it's really pissing me off. Really. A lot.
I'm sorry youre up 45,000,000 pounds last week. As you know, some weeks will be better than others. It's hard not to beat ourselves up when we feel like we're going in the wrong direction. Just keep pushing forward, doing your best and before you know it, the weight will start falling off, a thousand pounds at a time. What kind of workout are you doing? When you say "gotten nowhere" do you say that because you can't notice a change in the mirror or how you clothes feel or do you feel like you aren't getting stronger or faster?
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Water all day: Y
Log everything: Y
1500 cals max: 1573
Exercise 3x this week (gym or other good workout): Light stretching, gym planned for Tue
Real Food (5 ingredient limit on packaged foods Ė 75% is a Y): Almost

Not a bad day yesterday at all - red can be depressing, so I am relying on orange when I am close but don't quite make a goal...! Today will be better .

Breakfast: Smoothie (fruit, veggie)
Mid-day: Nut mix (salt free), tangerine, banana, hard-boiled egg, green tea.
Dinner: Fish, rice, salad (or baked veggies).
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Haha, Mike, I look forward to losing thousands of pounds a week! To answer your questions, I really haven't noticed that my clothes are looser. I have noticed that I can run farther and longer than I could at the start, which is good. I just... well, if being able to run more was my goal, that would be awesome, and it *is* awesome, and probably means I'm healthier and I should be happy about that and I *am* happy. But I have to be honest about what my biggest goal is - it's to be skinnier. I'm sick of being chunky, and having clothes not fit nicely or not being able to wear the cute outfits I see around me. I'm sick of not feeling very sexy or attractive. So yeah, it's great that I can run 20 minutes more than I could 6 weeks ago, but dang it, I just want to be a skinnier person. And I know that will happen, but I'm really a results driven person (I mean, aren't we all, a little bit?) and when I put in this effort and I don't *see* the results, I basically feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. And it's been so hard. This whole process is not making me a happier person. All I think about is, "When can I eat next? Is this going to fit into my calories? No, you can't have that, 'cause if you had even one bite, you'd eat the whole bag." At least before, I might have been sad that I wasn't skinny, but I didn't go around all day thinking in the back of my mind about what I was and wasn't allowed to eat and when the next food would be and how long I would have to wait to eat more. I know I have emotional attachment issues with food, but I don't know how to not feel this way. How do you go from just wanting to stuff your face to being like, "Oh I only eat to fuel my body!" I just feel like mentally exhausted at the end of the day. There's never a single day where it's easy to stay under my calorie limit.

I dunno, I feel like I'm being a little melodramatic, but I'm feeling pretty angsty right now, so oh well.
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Default The Long Weekend ...

Wasn't that a movie from the forties or something? Epic food consumption, not just Sunday, but all weekend and Monday. But it's now a new day!
We got this! [I think the attribution belongs to Hope.]

  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 582
  • Workout > 45 mins x 2:
  • Workout > 20 mins X 3:
  • Calories < 1750: 1958
  • Sugar < (??? metric): N
  • Be nice: Y
Cassie: Sorry to hear about the vertigo. Had that years ago for a week, where I felt like I was falling off a cliff whenever I turned my head. Went to Doc, who said I may be Potassium deficient. That seemed to be a good diagnosis, because it cleared up w/ a dose of KaCl & lots of bananas.

Mern, I don't have a date yet for my next cholesterol test, but I don't think I'll be scheduling it soon. Too many stone crab claws for dinner, (6) plus assorted high cholesterol side dishes & chocolate. (If I'm gonna be bad, it better be good...)

Back to the straight and narrow for the rest of the week.

- Donna

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Joanna, if I can share what helped me a lot, here it is. I was logging all the time and I noticed two things: sometimes it backfired because I became obsessed with food (which admittedly is nothing new for me.) But if I just ate, didn't keep track at all, I gained weight. Then I found that if I planned my menus, using the logging occasionally to check calories and nutrients, and not being too anal about it (life happens), allowing myself substitutions, it seemed to work. I have been figthting the same 20-30 lbs for at least as many years and this is the first time in 15 years I've been at this weight. Of course, I am superstitious I shouldn't talk because I do tend to lose and gain. I might be back here in two weeks, saying I've gotta get back on the wagon. And everyone's wagon is different. I offer my ideas in the hopes it might be of some benefit. I like planning. I tend to eat better. I get ideas from others. And I feel better not only when I weigh less, but when I eat less.

Frenchhen, I admire gardeners; that's why I am glad some of my best friends are!!! (I benefit from the bounty.)

Mike, thanks for the acknowledgment! It means a lot!! I was thinking I would never get there. That my tombstone would read: just seven more pounds...

Mern, you and I are food plan soulmates!!!!

Cassie I try not to be on FB too much. I have even been thinking of shutting it down because it's such a time wasting distraction. Sorry abut the veritgo. DH suffers from it. Of course, DD and I tease him using airquotes around vertigo because we swear his is fear of heights.

Ama, I hear ya about the red. I like the green and orange!!! Green is my "didn't quite do it" color. I like the blue for "yes I did it!!!!"
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Joanna I don't think you are being melodramatic. It's how you feel.
I totally get where you are coming from. I have more energy lately (which is good) but like you I want to be thinner! I don't want to be the fat person in the picture. It's frustrating knowing I'm doing all the right things and I don't see that much change.

Mern I'm so like that! I wait until my Mom is out before I weigh myself because i don't want her to see the number if I'm using the Wii balance board. Yes, like your husband she can see that I am overweight. She knows what size clothes I am too. But there is nothing wrong with maintaining some privacy. I like to think I don't really have much when it comes to Dr appointments and such so I might as well do some where I can.
I was talking to my Mom last night that it's hard being diabetic and having high protein. Both are invisible "diseases". It's not something people really get. It's not a diet. I don't eat this way by choice.

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Yep, I get it too Joanna. Today I actually HAD to go back 1 year in my fitday to see my progress. Sometimes when it's been "cloudy" for so long, it is good to try to find a picture of the sun, just to remind you what it looked like. Now I see that I AM in the sun...
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Thank you all for the concern . I get a little panicky when it happens because once upon a time it was really, really bad. I was on medicine for it for ten years and finally weaned off about 2 years ago with the help of vestibular rehabilitation exercises. I have occasionally episodes now and I always worry that it will be chronic again. But so far, so good.

Joanna, {{hugs}}. I hear your frustration and I'm so sorry. It isn't melodrama. It's a very real feeling. Hang in there. You can do it. And btw, I do love that word "angsty." Have you ever thought about doing calorie cycling?

Mern, yes, we bought my new car in December with a hefty model-end clearance discount. First time I've had a car payment in 8 years . Hopefully this one will work out for my son...all that they say about buying a used car making you feel like you're being taken advantage of is true! But they seem willing to do the repairs.

Jenn, totally understand the "invisible disease" concept. It's like depression or anxiety. Kind of a "second tier" illness in terms of being taken seriously. Hugs to you for dealing with it.

Donna, good to see you. You're in good company with this weekend's food orgy for many of us.

Back to work!
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Joanna, hope just gave some good advice. I was also obsessed with logging. Thought about food constantly and what you consume begins to consume YOU! I know how you feel.

I assume you are doing something like C2K? Besides that, how active are you? I know when I'm busy I tend to think less about food and "when can I eat again?". I can tell you think what worked for me was P90X. I'm not saying it's for everyone and you know that I'm the last person to try to push a product. If you have the time (about an hour a day), the money and IF YOU COULD STICK IT OUT for 90 days you'd be amazed at how quickly your body composition changes. Naturally, with anything, diet is always key. If you've ever considered P90X just look at some YouTube before and after pics, it works... BUT IT IS HARD!
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Exercised for 15 min this afternoon and the game asked me to weigh. ARRGH I am up 1lb since last Mon. I don't understand. I am eating properly and last week I exercised 5 days for 30 mins and even got my water in most days.

Breakfast today was cereal, toast and boiled egg
Lunch salad with romaine lettuce, 6 shrimp and half an avocado. Dressed with a couple tablespoons of ranch dressing. Tortilla wrap with a slice of chicken.

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