Exercises at home

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Default Exercises at home

Hello everyone,
Im a newbie, I want to find exercises that can be done easily at home.
Wish to have a help from your guys.
Sincerely thank

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nice idea
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Nice!!! During the lockdown in 2020, so many people took up fitness challenges and transformed their bodies in the three months they were indoors.

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Hard boiled egg, cooked chicken sausage, cooked ham/canadian bacon.

I get it that cereal is a less than 30 second meal but all of the above takes less than 3-5 minutes to prepare. Even a damn omelet takes less than 5 minutes to prepare if whatever you add to it is already cooked / doesn't need to be cooked.

People kill me when they say they don't have time for breakfast in the morning. Seriously? You can't wake up 10-15 minutes earlier to have a real meal and sit down? Unless you're leaving for work at 5 am I really hate that excuse.
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We always have cereal in the pantry if we want something really quick, but I usually go for a banana along with a bowl with some plain greek yogurt with blueberries and some granola sprinkled over the top.

While I prefer eggs and either bacon or sausage (got eggs everyday at work before WFH because they were cheap), I don't do it everyday at home because the cleanup takes me as long as the cooking.
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do press-ups and push-ups
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Ah body weight exercizes like the gladiators of old you say?


Lower body:
Calf/toe risers try to do 100 in a row. remember to stay on the balls of your feet, don't cheat by putting weight on you heels. Do them in slow deliberate rises, if you get jerky... stop, don't leave just rest a few seconds then continue. 5 sets is your goal. It is silly easy to start. Don't let yourself flail, stop when a few seconds rest isn't enough to regain composure.

Get or go to a single step/tool box etc. Step up right foot then left foot, down right, down left, up again. Switch step up foot every two minutes- 6 calories per minute (more than leisure walking). Start with 10 minutes, again deliberate movements. Stop when you get unsteady. Again easy to start with a stunning performance curve in the begining.

Balance a long broom handle across your shoulders. Place your wrists against the broom handle, feet shoulder length apart, toes forward, back straight sit down slowly keep your chest and knees lined up stop when your legs are 90į (Imagine sitting on a box). Rise again slowly. Aim for balance in your squats. Aim to do it right. Feet flat, abs and butt tense, shoulders relaxed. If you start grasping that broom handle you're either off balance or getting too tired, stop, limber up and start again. Try to make it to 10 in a row.

Crunchies. Like half sit ups, do them forward, left and right. Then lift your hips with the shoulders firmly on the ground for lower abs. I do 5 sets of 10 each.
Full situps. Done painfully slowly. Like count of 10 up and down, keep shoulders relaxed do them until your body shakes and you drop.
Recover then do bridges.
Feet flat on the floor, hands flat on the floor, lift yourself off the ground, walk your hands back towards hour feet hold for 10. walk your hands back and lower your body *almost* to the floor then back up again for a count of 20, down again, up for 30, then 20 then 10 then 20 then 30. no resting on the floor. Go until collapse.

Arms and abs (and a little back):

Push ups. If you don't have the arm and core strength yet, start against a wall leaning as far as you can face up put your nose against the wall. If you're looking down you're pushing too hard. Stop and limber up. Exercize is worthless without deliberate muscle activation. Work your way down to the floor, arm if a couch, seat of a chair (pressed against a wall), on the ground start with your butt in the air if your arms are weak, knees on the ground if your abs are weak. Work yourself into the correct push up form. Don't stagnate when you find easy, try to get a little lower and a little more in form each week.

Pull up practice. Lay flat on your back under something heavy, like a tall bed, a big desk/table or hang a shovel between two chairs. Lay flat on your back, reach up to your stand-in pullup bar and keeping your whole body straight and flexed, lift your chin up to that bar. Come down but try not to rest your shoulders and butt on the ground. Up again.

Depending on your resources:

Find a door frame. Try to pull yourself up. Try to hang. Can't do either? Put a chair under you and lower your weight until you can barely hold with your elbows still bent. Try to keep flexed for a count of 30 (or find your max) do that 10 times and leave it alone until next arm day. When that's too easy -cheat by using the door frame to toe yourself up 3x5. -Then hang with elbows bent. -Then pull up.

Dips can be done with two pieces of heavy even height pieces of furniture pressed almost together. Put one hand on either, flex your elbows, cross your ankles and lower yourself down. Don't let your knees touch the ground then go back up.

A mini trampoline can give you surprisingly intense, fun cardio, follow a 10 minute routine to start with.
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