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Kathy13118 09-14-2020 03:58 AM

7-day accountability thread 09/14/20-09/20/20
Back in the game - watching calories and gaining some inspiration from people around me who have been losing weight. Drink more water? I'll give it another try. Get more sunlight (vitamin D)? I'll give that a try,

I hear a zoom talk by Dr. Amy Shah in which she recommended intermittent fasting. I have done IF in the past and felt better doing that. Her book comes out later this month and she may have more information that would help with weight loss. Her approach is for heatlh, not necessarily weight loss - but that also can happen.

Anybody else feeling the stresses of being in a kind of 'lock down'? I spoke to a landscaper about some work he could do in our yard, both of us wearing masks. Weird feeling to self-consciously stand so far away from the other person.

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