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Kathy13118 05-03-2020 12:10 AM

7day accountability thread 04/27/20-05/03/20
My waistline has been expanding during this lockdown. My husband is a masterful grocery shopper, seeking bargains with coupons in hand, visiting several supermarkets for just the right products.
I think we both, he and I, now feel secure that there is enough food in the freezer to last us a while, and then we could eat our way through the pantry. We're feeling a little more secure. I know that I can eat smaller portions.

My goal next week is to have Muscle Milk for two meals every day, and a moderate size supper. No more baking bread, no more breakfast muffins, but I may make a quiche. The quiche should provide several meals.

Spring is finally here. That means some time spent outside, if it's not tooo chilly. It also means it's time to dismantle the Christmas tree and put the artificial tree limbs in the garage. Yep, I'm that bad a housekeeper!

Megan2525 05-03-2020 03:33 PM

Kathy, I know how hard it is to cut out breads, I love pasta with fresh garlic bread. Eating smaller portions is difficult for sure. I find if I split a "normal" serving in half, I get success but it feels so small an amount. It helps if I do it before the meal, for example, I cut a hamburger in half in the kitchen, put the other half in the fridge , then take it to the dining room.
Kathy, what is muscle milk?

Kathy13118 05-04-2020 12:21 AM

Muscle Milk is one of those supplemental drinks - high protein (I use the lower-calorie version), like an Atkins shake. I just like the taste of the vanilla variety!

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