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01gt4.6 03-09-2020 02:50 PM

7 day accountability thread 3/9/2020-3/15/2020
Mardi Gras is behind me, so my days of excessive eating and drinking can now be over. I've had a substantial gain over the last 2 weeks. My original plan was to drop a bunch of weight for our Jamaica vacation, but we may end up cancelling it (depending on what happens with the Coronavirus). Today is day 8 of my back being out. So much motivation is next to zilch... but here goes...

1) lose 3 pounds
2) 80 oz water per day
3) no eating past 8:00pm

who's in??

01gt4.6 03-10-2020 06:39 PM

1) lose 3 pounds: ??
2) 80 oz water per day: no
3) no eating past 8:00pm: I ate past 8

Kathy13118 03-11-2020 04:58 PM

Sorry about your back - and the vacation prospects being spoiled!

I went to the Y yesterday (YAY!) and was surprised to see so many people there....

I'm still in - revving up for my physical in May. I want to see good numbers when I weigh in at the office.

Ridge_Runner 03-15-2020 02:23 PM

Good morning.

Those were some high goals Mike. Seriously, I could not have done ANY of them. I drink a lot of coffee and kool-aid flavored water. Are you really able to lose 3 lbs in a week? What do you do for food and exercise? It looks like you previously made an AMAZING transformation in 6 mos back in '09. Hope your Jamaica trip doesn't get cancelled. Hubby and I were thinking about a Tahiti cruise this month but are glad we didn't book it as it's been cancelled. All of this is Corona Crazy.

Kathy, Good for you on the Y yesterday. I imagine with so many people closing that people have no where else to go. I'm wondering what some of those people are doing with their kids for 3 weeks while the schools are closed and they have to work.

I'm down a little over 1/2 lb. I'll take it, but it should be better. I have major events in my life that are keeping me at my computer. I need to get up and get moving. Goal for the week... 1/2 hour of Yoga each day.

Ridge_Runner 03-15-2020 02:24 PM

Weekly Goal... 1/2 hour of Yoga a day


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