Staying motivated at the gym!

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Now since February is almost done some of us(me for sure)have difficulty staying motivated at the gym. I found this really helpful video on youtube and I have already starting to plan my workouts around these tips. You guys might find this helpful also
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Great, that is helpful, thanks
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it is good advise i think, thanks
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I found some great motivational videos on You Tube, I found them a great help.
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The best thing I can think of for staying motivated at the gym is to have someone to go with. I have a friend who is in much better shape than I have, but still has similar goals (strengthen, lower body fat). We are both gamers too, so keeping each other motivated on both fronts is a great way to connect, and stay on our path!

Also, I like the idea of using community to further our goals. Forums, apps, Facebook groups, whatever it takes, right?
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Today I have begun to track my macronutrients. I Hope that I am able to keep this up and truly master this art as I have master chess and several other things in my life as well. I started today off by arising at 6 am to go to the restroom then to get my usual 32 ounce cup of Coffee with a cup of creamer in it. so far today is looking good. I just Hope that I will have the best day today that anyone can have as this is the day where I start my seven day workout plan over again starting with day 1. I have begun to get Hooked on this workout of which I am already seeing results. I did a body measurement and suddenly noticed a change in several measurements which indicates to me that this Dash diet plus this seven day workout plan is working out tremendously. My glucose readings are looking good also, dipping down as low as 97 mg/dl. my blood pressure is down to 151/80 my pulse is at 66 so this is a good sign that this diet is working. I wouldn't really call this a diet but more of a eating change. to me the word "Diet" indicates that one need to starve themselves. The DASH diet simple has you to use proper portion sizes and change some foods around to where your eating more of the healthy ones and hardly any fatty ones. Im down to 194.4 lbs from 200.6 lbs I think Im doing good. Im still working on torching this belly fat though. I need to get rid of it so I will get off the Levimir Flextouch needle. If I keep this up I know I will be lookiing lean in about 6 months or so. Today i am prepared to do some extra torvhing at club fitness. Of course this would be easier if I did have a Trainer to guid me but My trainer just seems more interested in Girls than in anyone elses best interests. SO I will do what I can using and Fitday PC to help me along the way. All i have to remember is that this is not a wham bamm thank you sam journey but a slow steady life style like Christianity. it takes time to adjust my life to this way of life. So I will seek out the mor=tivation of my nutritionist at my work adn the help of some of the fitday users using the dash diet to help me accomplish this.
So some of the Keys I will need during this Journey are as follows:
1. God's Help.
2. Motivation from fellow Fitday users.
3.Ways to Kick my Metabolism into High gear using the DASH Diet from other Fitday users on the Dash diet.
4. Regular advice from my Nutrtionist at my work at Fresh Thyme farmers Market.

One of my Favorite Motivational sayings is ,"To truly Master anything; One must be dedicated."
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Hi folks, My name is Jeff Coombs. Ive been a Fit Day user since 2014, I normally use the PC version though. I want to give you all a little something I use to keep myself focused and happy everyday. Yes I know the diets can be hard but I am a diabetic and I have hypertension, (High Blood pressure). So I understand fully when someone has a bad day and don't feel like continuing on. I have a sign above my desk in my Bedroom that reads as follows,

"I AM whole.
I AM Perfect.
I AM Powerful.
I AM loving.
I AM Harmonious.
I AM Happy.
I AM Healthy"

I call this Jeff's Positive Affirmation. I read this everytime I come to this desk. And it seems to help reset my focus onto what I need to be focused on.
I also have another sign that reads,




If you stay focused I believe that you will reach your goals.
Please feel free to use these for yourselves or you can come up with some affirmations of your own.

So as the once great Henry Ford once stated," Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right".

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on here at

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I listen to these..
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Youtube "motivational speeches"- I have a bunch of my favourites saved to my phone for when I'm struggling.
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I should save these and use them every time i want to eat extra food
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