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My goals for the week.
1) 10,000 steps per day: M-yes (16,122), T-no (6,167), W-yes (11,343)
2) 5 miles: M-yes (7.15), T-no (2.72), W-yes (5.03)
3) 100 oz of water: M-yes (100), T-no (80), W-no (?)
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Speaking of stairs. I've only ridden my motorcycle once (maybe twice) since getting my fitbit. I only have 2 days in which it says I did a lot, I know one was a day I rode the bike. It said I did 14 flights. One other day said 16 flights, maybe I went for a ride then too? Every other day is like zero or maybe 2 flights. I know riding the bike didn't increase my steps, I'm wondering if the increase in heartrate and core workout of riding tricked the fitbit somehow.

On Edit: I just looked back at my calendar, the day it showed 16 flights was the Saturday I went into my New Orleans office to meet a client, I took the elevator. I thought about taking the stairs but remembered years ago I did that on a Saturday and most of the doors were locked on the floors and had to turn around and go back down to get out. I'll have to check again the next time I go in an elevator to see if the fitbit counts it.
It shouldn't be recording on the bike or the elevator. It does record elevation gain while you are walking and counts that as stairs. My walk at lunch is mostly flat, but there are some small hills that usually get me credit for several flights of stairs. Are there any hills, even small ones, where you are walking? That's the most likely source of your stairs credit. I can get 100-200 flights of stairs on a hike!

Goals for the week:

1) Calories under 1,400 (6 days): M-Yes (1,282), T-Yes (1,434), W-Yes (1,336), Th-Yes (1,432)
2) 10,000 steps (7 days): M-Yes (17,745), T-Yes (14,005), W-Yes (15,410), Th-Yes (15,208)
3) Log all food (7 days): M-Yes, T-Yes, W-Yes, Th-Yes
4) Stairs (3 days): M-No, T-No, W-No, T-No
5) Strength band exercises (3 days): M-No, T-No, W-Yes, Th-Yes

There is supposed to be a massive storm heading our way, so no walk at lunch for me. I'm going to have to be creative to get in my steps today. Have a good Friday, everyone!
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Good Lord that's a lot of stairs. Yes, there are some hills out here. I think I live in the only hilly area in Louisiana.
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