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poshdee 07-14-2016 02:56 PM

Much fatter at the same weight?!!
So okay, here's my story. I lost 50lbs, 8 years ago, going from 210 to 160, over a year, by running 5 times a week and eating a vegan diet. I'm 5'10", I looked pretty good at 160. Then I got sick and gained it all back. For the last two years I've been working hard to lose that same 50lbs again, and I've succeeded. But this time around, I don't look good at 160. I have belly fat, I have saddlebags. I look as fat at 160 as I did at 180 last time.

Ah, you're thinking, she doesn't exercise so she's lost muscle this time around. Wrong! This time I'm doing MORE exercise, well, about the same amount of cardio, but with four weight lifting sessions a week (building muscle! And I have it, it's visible). Is my diet less healthy this time? No, more healthy! I eat mainly plant based, but with some fish (on weights days), and I'm much more mindful of carb portions than I was last time (I'd estimate I'm eating about 100g carbs a day, and it was more like 150-200g last time).

So what is going on? Is it just that I'm 8 years older? (I'm 40) Do I have to keep pushing to lose more weight, in order to get the same appearance I had last time?

I'm feeling pretty discouraged! My tracker tells me I eat on average 1800 kcal a day, and burn around 300-400 by exercise). I am still losing, about a lb a week (I know, I should be happy with that) but I feel like I'm looking fatter & flabbier with each lb, which is crazy!

Kathy13118 07-15-2016 05:31 AM

I think 8 years does make a difference. That said, it might make you feel like you are on the right track if you got advice from a personal trainer. It's frustrating to work so hard and not see the results you want. You'll get there! It sounds like you are no stranger to hard work.

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