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Default Fresh start for Kat


A newbie on Fitday so bear with me while I understand the logistics of the site.
So i'm living with my sister in a different country for most of this year and hope to lose a bit of weight before i return home to the rest of my family and friends and i want to surprise them with this weight loss. I gained a lot of weight from bad habits and relapse after a few years of anorexia. I doubled my weight last year in 2015 and went from underweight to obese.

Im 5'2 and weigh 78kg. I'm at my heaviest and i'm definitely unhappy about that. I know what i need to do it just the habits i need to break and take control over my eating habits. I was hoping to get support from using Fitday and a place to keep some accountability for myself to keep on track to my goals.

My goal is 50kg and i hope to achieve it in 6 months. Each day i'll update my activity and food intake keep accountable and weigh myself once a week/fortnight. I used to be obsessed with scales. So i know weighing myself less frequently with be better for me mentally.

Anyway, if anyone would like a join me in losing weight youre more than welcome to post in here with me and we can do it again. I hope to motivate and inspire anyone.
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Good luck!
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Wink yes to encourage you along!

Hi Kat...I too am not happy with my weight and have begun the journey down...I believe we can do this! How have you been doing so far?
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Default Encouragement with reservations....

First of all, I wish you all the best Kat - all the best in life.

I have some concerns about your post - you're a grownup and it's your life so take what you need and leave the rest .

First, you say you are hoping to surprise your friends and family with your weight loss. It has been my experience that in dealing with any major life change, one can only do it for oneself. Other people are never going to love us more or less, or be proud or ashamed of us depending on our size and weight - and if they do, it's not a healthy response. People that love us want us to be HAPPY and healthy.

Second, you say that you have struggled with anorexia and now have doubled your weight. Personally, I'm not sure if I know any woman who hasn't got some sort of emotional issues with eating and body image. It's a terrible thing that society does to us. However, it can also be life-threatening at worst and really hard on our overall health at best and the support of an expert (such as a counsellor) in your path forward seems like a really good idea. We're all amateurs here and I think supporting and motivating each other is great but, when it comes to the serious stuff, nothing beats face-to-face with someone who can see clearly if one's going off the rails.

Third, you've set a goal of reducing 60 lbs or 28 kg in 6 months. That's 10 lbs/month which is a very ambitious goal - ambitious possibly to the detriment of your physical and/or emotional health. One of the personality characterstics common to people who struggle with anorexia is perfectionism accompanied by an all-or-nothing way of going at problems. This goal appears to set the bar so high that you're going to have to be extremely diligent in making intelligent food (nothing but the most nutrient dense) and exercise choices. Six months is a long time to toe the line perfectly.

I read something the other day that I (as a perfectionist myself) am trying to keep in mind: When you let go of being perfect, you're free to be damned good.

Anyway, as I said....this is all just my amateur opinion and you need to find your own path. I do wish you all the best and am certainly happy to both give and receive encouragement as we all do.

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Hey. I'm a newbie here and I want to lose weight too. In my case, I've never been happy with my weight. But I'm too lazy to follow a strict routine. Need lots of encouragement.
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