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Originally Posted by dschefer View Post

I find it very difficult to lose weight, especially when trying to accomplish ANYTHING else. Once I begin to restrict calories, my body decides it's time to shut down. I have NO energy and don't feel like doing anything except lying in bed.
The only thing which has ever worked for me in the past is fasting or juice dieting. If I am hungry, and I start eating, I can't stop anymore--I don't binge, just eat a normal amount with maybe a little extra, but it's not a diet.

I feel for those of you on here who are experiencing physical pain from being overweight. I keep pulling muscles in my calves when I run, partly because of the extra weight I'm carrying around.

I also was not sure if I belong here, since I don't have as much to lose as some others...but I do know how hard it is, and I applaud all of our efforts to get healthy.
I'm 43 years old, 143 lbs, and I want to drop some weight so that I can wear any of my clothes again---I'm sick of looking like a bag lady.
I'd like to keep track of my progress here and motivate others on here as well.

I've been a member of Fitday for at least 20 years, but have never posted in the forums before (edit)
Hello there!!! Welcome! I too have been using FitDay for over a decade but have only been posting in the forums for a couple of weeks. I just found this thread last week. So I'm new here too. This is a great group of people and it doesn't matter how much or how little you've got to lose.

I had to laugh at your "bag lady" comment. I too have been sporting "bag lady" chic for some time now and am looking forward to one day wearing clothes that are closer fitting.

As far as your hunger goes... I find if my diet is too high in Carbs that I am also hungry. I try to add more lean protein which fills you up quicker and also stays with you longer than a meal high in carbs. Muscle cramps can also be a sign of dehydration which can also make you tired. Are you getting in enough fluids?

Don't get discouraged. Although I have a lot of weight to lose right now, there was a time when I was near your weight and it was harder for me to lose 10 pounds at that weight than it is for me to lose 30 pounds at the heavy weight I am at now. I think the lighter you are, the more stubborn the weight can be.

Hang in there.
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Welcome dschefer! Happy to have another here in the Motivation and Support forum! You most certainly belong here! We all have different amounts to lose and even you have nothing to lose but just trying to maintain, it's nice to have support from others.

dschefer and Nikki - A new Motivation & Support thread starts up every Monday. This one here that you posted in is from last week. There is a new thread started for today where some others are already posting. Come on over there and join us! Also, a new challenge thread was started today! If you're looking for extra motivation to get your through the upcoming holiday season, be sure to join in on the challenge
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Debbie - Thanks for letting me know. I didn't realize that. I would have been like... hey, where'd everyone go? They lost so much weight they vanished into thin air. LOL See you on the new thread.
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Post thank you!

Too funny Nikki!
I wish the weight would just vanish into thin air...

I'll definitely join the new thread. I love to help others achieve their goals and I also think it's helpful to be around others with the same struggle.

I likely do eat too many carbs--sometimes I go wild with tortilla or potato chips...

I've been juice fasting all day, except for a small piece of bread this morning with my coffee--have drunk nearly a liter of juice (this really good green juice from Costco with kale in it) and the low blood sugar is getting to me. Once my stomach shrinks a bit, it becomes somewhat easier to cut back on the food.

Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome Nikki and Debbie,
I look forward to getting to know all of you on here, and I'll post in the new thread now.
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