Problems With Chest

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Hey guys,

I've just joined this forum in hopes of finding some useful answers to my issue. This post may be a bit long but I'll get straight to the point.

When I was around thirteen years old I developed excess fat over my chest which persisted until last year when I finally went for male chest reduction surgery. The surgeon stated to me that what I had was just an excess of fatty tissue surrounding my chest which made me qualify for the surgery (thankfully it wasn't Gynecomastia).

However, it has now been a year since the surgery and I'm still not satisfied with the end result. My chest appears to be asymmetrical (outer region of left side is bigger and yet I'm right handed?) with the outer regions of the pecs being more predominant than the rest of the chest. This causes a protrusion which I really don't like.

I decided to take things into my own hands this March by weight-lifting to see if it would even things out and make things look better (incline bench press, incline flyes, flat bench flyes, overhead press etc with dumbbells) but this had the opposite of the desired effect causing the protrusion to become more noticeable.

So, I eventually decided to give up weight training and I scoured the internet looking for a forum which would answer my question. Eventually I stumbled upon the method of fasted cardio to try and burn the muscle off my chest which I did for a couple of months. However, this was both unhealthy and the results were unyielding. With the 5K fasted cardio per day I managed to get down to 53KG (this is how desperate I am).

I have been back to my surgeon to schedule a touch-up procedure however, I have concerns that it may be muscle causing the unsightliness.

I'm just at a loss as to how to make this right and the fact that I've been dealing with this for seventeen years has made me incredibly self-conscious.

In conclusion, if there is anyone who has any suggestions whatsoever I would be very grateful. I've also included some photos of myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

P.S. It was never my intention to gain any mass in the chest area, my goal is to have it properly flat with little to no separation between my chest and the rest of my torso.

PicPaste - right_frontview-VVQmd6VV.jpg
PicPaste - left_frontview-lFOToutc.jpg
PicPaste - right_sideview_1-quP2oYtK.jpg
PicPaste - left_sideview_1-yMlEpt7b.jpg
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I looked at the pictures. I'm not a guy so maybe I'm not going to focus on what a guy would see. To me, whatever it is that you feel is a protrusion is hardly noticeable.

But then, we all see our own bodies differently than others see them!

You found out that you can't 'spot-reduce,' so that's a good thing to have learned.

If your surgeon is a plastic surgeon, then maybe you can discuss this more with him or her because it sounds like something that only a plastic surgeon would fix. You can't spot-reduce and it's difficult to body sculpt - even if you could, you'd have to somehow preserve the change for your entire life. With exercise? Who could do something like that?
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