Motivation 8/24-8/30 Let's have a strong week!

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just a quick note. I will be gone all weekend. My 13yo daughter, Sara, has a big softball tournament 2-3 hours north of us in Prescott, AZ. I'm praying for lots of great plays from our teams (14 and 16) and cooler weather. Even though Sara is only 13, she rocks the house at catcher and plays for the 16U team. I just went shopping for food. most of it good...turkey, grapes, apples, yogurt, pretzels, hummus, granola bars (marginally good for you), LOTS of water. But also a package of cookies. ah well. so be it.

See you all next week. I hope you have a great weekend!!!!!
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Did I ever warn you that I'm a writer with a sense of humour? By now I think you've all figured it out.

I've been staring at that bean soup in my fridge. Although I plan to be outside all day, there are still risks and handsome men. Not that I'm looking for anything other than writing material.

I opted not to go camping because it's raining. I am day tripping tomorrow.

My group plans on bacon and eggs for breakfast. I am bringing yogurt and granola for me.
For lunch they are having ham sandwiches, olives, and cheese. I am bringing a kale salad.
For dinner they are having beef stew thickened with potato starch. I'm not sure what I am doing.

We are having a Viking luau in the evening. The instructions are to bring fruit for homemade smoothies. Being allergic to bananas, there is a risk, so I will have water and of course a big plastic flower in my... not sure how to attach a flower to my cap. I am bringing a sun umbrella decorated with grass skirt material.

I need to figure out how to share photos.
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Lily, I am also very food sensitive/allergic. I know I feel better when I eat clean.

Lisa, good luck to your daughter; I hope it went well. You did well on the food. It's okay to have some treats. I have chocolate my DD left on the shelf when she went back to school staring me in the face (maybe I will move it lol.)

Annette, you are funny with the soup and the men. And you did so well with the planning.

I went to my friends' party and there was no planning on my part and no control. I have to stop wanting to kick myself for gaining back nearly all the weight I lost last week. And I have to ditch that leftover ginger beef, which is loaded with sodium, not my friend, unless I want to look like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day float, not my best look, I must say.

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Plan 8/30
lemon water
yogurt with sunflower seeds and raisins
egg, egg white
salad with tuna or chicken
trout almondine and kale with garlic and olive oil
apple or rice cake with almond butter
hummus with carrots and rice crackers
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) lemon water in the a.m. (filling) - yes, yes,yes, yes, no, no
2) don't wait too long to eat (makes me eat more) - ummmm, ummmm, yes, yes,yes
3) no sugar - yes, yes, yes, yes NO
4) no dairy (other than goat's milk yogurt) -yes, yes NO[/COLOR yes no
5) no tomatoes (allergic) -yes, yes, yes, yes a little tiny bit
6) stretch - yes a lot, yes,yes, yes, yes
7) meditate - during acupuncture, yes,yes, yes no, no
8) 6 glasses of water (surely I can do that to start) -yes no, no yes, yes, yes

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It's a quiet day on my homefront today--the dog and cats are all napping and I'm getting a headstart on laundry and dishes now that everyone's gone for a while. DH has a stress test scheduled for 6:30 in the morning--and, I sure don't look forward to getting up at 5:30 in the morning--this gal needs all the beauty sleep she can get!

I'm starting class tomorrow--it's a Diabetes Prevention Program at a local YMCA for 16-18 weeks with monitoring for a whole year. It's designed to help prevent your getting DM if you have family with the disease and meet other criteria. Both DH and I qualify but this class he won't be able to attend. Our insurance is paying for it. If you would be interested in this for yourself or a family member, contact your local YMCA--it just might be offered in your area too!

I've done better this week at planning my meals and staying within my parameters for nutrients--maybe the scale will reflect my effort with a smaller number in the morning! And if not, I still feel smaller, clothes are getting larger, I look more toned and feel stronger even if Ol' Arthur has been my companion these last few days! See y'all at the weigh-in in the morning! Vicki
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The luau was a bust. High winds took out trees, tents flew, kitchen shelters buckled... but I got lots of "research" done. They accused me of being a laurel. Well, I'll show them.

Not sure if anyone will read this but due to an extended power outage at my home I may not get online for a few days.
In the meantime I will get lots of walking in. I am not allowed to park in my driveway, by order of the Fire Marshall. For that matter with downed trees, I can't even park on my street or come out the front door of my house. So I am walking through the back yard and across the common area to my car parked a block over.

Life is always full of surprises.
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