Motivation, Anyone? Starting 8/10/15

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epixi, I agree with you on the yoga. I'd want it to be cerebral and zen too. I really want to try yoga someday. I'm very inflexible anymore and want to get more of that back.

I had a pretty good day. Breakfast was on the go and not very healthy...sausage egg mcmuffin, hashbrown and soda (I only ended up drinking 1/2 of it though). I had some more soda throughout the day, and I know that's going to be one of my biggest challenges. I also had 2 poptarts

Not the most healthy choices for a good part of the day, but on the bright side I did avoid buying a candy bar, I said no to spaghetti dinner, and instead I went back to one of my previous staples....a bowl of oatmeal. It had a few raisins and craisins, brown sugar, stevia, cinnamon and made with milk. It was super delicious, just the right amount of sweetness for my sweet tooth, and it was relatively filling.

I'm planning on starting my day out tomorrow with an atkins w/ milk and then go from there. I've got to do the grocery shopping later. I made my list and there are almost no snacks on it. The family hates this as there's nothing to munch on, but honestly I can't afford them--neither financially nor for health reasons.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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I also think a more Zen or spiritual approach to yoga is what I like. Sometimes I wonder if its popularity is now turning it into a sport. Picture "football coach type" yoga instructors: "Get on that mat and kick the crap outta that downward facing dog." Yeah, not so much.

Speaking of football, I am eating like a linebacker (are those the big guys?) This has to stop.

Lisa, congrats on the three pounds!

I'm thinking maybe if I eat healthier, I will feel healthier. Can't hurt. Now to do it....
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I seem to be missing 3 days of everyone's posts. hmmm. anyone else having a problem???

Never mind. I was on the wrong thread. 'doh!
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