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AZLisaLou 04-27-2015 12:13 PM

Motivation & Accountability Thread 4/27-5/3. Keep Going & Never Give Up
Good morning all. Happy Monday. Sorry I went MIA last week. I just got sidetracked and bogged down with life stuff. I gained about 1/2 lb last week. Could have been worse. Could have been a lot better too. I'll just leave it at that.

All I can do is Keep Going & Never Give Up. I can never give up on myself. My life and being with my family is my biggest priority, and I need to remind myself of that more often than I do.

My right knee has been giving me lots of trouble. The other night while sleeping I was dreaming that I was in the ER getting my knee checked because it hurt so bad. And when I woke up...yep, it hurt so bad. I know it's because of the weight I put back on. When I'm about 20 lbs less than I am now, my knees don't hurt very often, and I can go up and down the stairs so much easier. That's one of the big signs for me that I've got to take this seriously. I will start to fall apart piece by piece starting with the knees and ending in heart failure or something tragic because of obesity.

Last week when I went to the grocery I had planned out that I was going to get stuff for spinach salads, which for me includes sunflower seeds (NOT the kind in the snack aisle). They were out of sunflower seeds. Having a salad without the seeds just doesn't sound very good. So I didn't get any salad stuff. I had no plan B. I'm hoping the sunflower seeds are back in stock when I go tomorrow.

I'll try to be better about checking in more regularly. I know it gets discouraging when not very many people show up.

Pulled another all-nighter. Had to finish a custom bag order (Marvel comics printed fabric) and I'm falling behind in watching my DBacks, so I wanted to get a game in. I record them and then I can FF through all the commercials. Makes a 3 hour game A LOT shorter!

Ok, I'll stop rambling. I'll check in more regularly.

episode2011 04-27-2015 03:07 PM

Morning, Lisa! Thanks for getting the thread started! Glad you're back! Missed you!

Sorry to hear about the knee. Knees are such finicky joints. With regard to the sunflower seeds (I've never had them -- I've got to try them. Sounds like an Explore item for me!), did you check with Customer Service? Sometimes, things aren't on the shelves but they have them in the back. They just haven't stocked them yet.

Glad to hear the bag business is still going! Yay!


My Strategy for the Week (April 27 - May 3):
  • 7-day Rolling Average calories = 1350-1450: <--- big bump from where I have been
  • 7-day Rolling Average water/tea, minimum 2500mL (10+ 8oz glasses): <--- I think I was probably going overboard before (haha water? Overboard? I made a funny :D)
  • 7-day Rolling Average sodium = 1000-1400:
  • 7-day Rolling Average sat fat = under 18g: <--- Cutting myself some slack here
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Fats = 50-60g:
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Carbs = 85-95g:
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Protein = greater than 100 (ultimate goal, 140-150):
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Fiber = 10-15g (ultimate goal, 35-45 <--- yeah, right):
  • Explore! Try something new or do some nutrition-related research at least 2 times:
    • Monday: Started incorporating macros
I'm officially switching things up! :eek: You heard it here, first!

I'm going to slowly incorporate the macro idea into my food plan. Right now, the macros don't quite add up properly, but I figure it'll take a few weeks to fully make the transition. This week, I'm setting calories as my first major challenge. Until now, I've been averaging about 1150-1200. The other major challenge for this week will be keeping carbs in the 90s while boosting fiber (gah, fiber and I so don't get along!).

This is a big gamble, and frankly, I'm a bit scared. I assume, because I'm bumping my calories up, I'll have a gain for the next couple of weeks. I understand that (even if I don't particularly like the idea). But if it doesn't turn around after that, what then? I hate the idea of losing ground I've worked so hard to win (or is it gaining ground I worked so hard to lose???).

So why am I making changes? Because the weight loss has slowed dramatically. Time to shake it up. And because, I'll admit it, I'm intrigued by the macros concept :). Wish me luck!

lildebbieg 04-27-2015 05:14 PM

Hi all

I'm changing things up as well this week! As usual, the calorie counting thing is driving me crazy! It's usually at this point that I feel defeated and figure I can't do this if I don't count every single thing. Well this time I'm not throwing in the towel, but I am NOT counting this week either. I'm going to keep up with the exercise I've been doing and just doing my best to eat intuitively for the week. The thing is, even when I'm tracking calories, some days I'm hungrier than others. On the days that I'm not as hungry, I'm still eating 1200 cals. So what if I eat intuitively and some days I'm eating over 1200 when I'm hungrier and other days, I fall under that. It should all balance itself out right? Anyway, that's the strategy for this week could be a whole new ball game! ;)

Weekly Goals
Daily Exercise -
72 oz. water daily -
eat intuitively -

Check back in with you all later :cool:

rosabella2012 04-27-2015 05:26 PM

Hello and we begin another week. And it's really Monday! Rain, hail, wind, tornadoes, flooding, power outages, road closures, downed trees and debris abound--what a morning! But now it's clearing off and calm for the moment. Hope it stays that way for a while!

My sweet little washer's on the fritz--don't know if it could be fixed or if it's time for a new one. It's not very old--about 5-6 yrs maybe.

As much as I love my husband, he's not very affectionate. He didn't grow up with affection as a child, but he's great about showing his love by diligently working to see that bills are paid in full on time and that we have most of the things we need and some things that we just want. Yesterday he gave me a HUG--a HUG, folks! Usually all I get is a brief kiss, but yesterday I got a real HUG! WOW!

Plan on keeping water intake around 100 oz/day, protein 100-110 gms per day and fiber as high as possible from vegetable/fruit sources as much as possible. Fats, I don't worry about the amount a lot, but I do try to monitor the quality. Vitamins/minerals I track and monitor just to make sure I get the building blocks my body needs for optimum health.

Later! Vicki

lildebbieg 04-27-2015 07:01 PM

What was I thinking! Already slipped up and I'm only a few hours into intuitive eating. Stop's not funny! :D K, take two on my goals for the week. I have a night out with the girls on Saturday and will not be holding back....which is why Saturday only shows up in part of my weekly goals.

Weekly Goals...ummmm...take 2 ;)
track food Tues-Fri & Sun:
min. 72 oz. water daily:
1200-1400 calories Tues-Fri & Sun:
80 - 100 g protein Tues-Fri & Sun:
120 - 140 g carbs Tues-Fri & Sun:
20 - 25 g fibre Tues-Fri & Sun:
exercise Mon-Sun:

AZLisaLou 04-28-2015 02:14 AM

Vicki, so glad you got a hug. They are very healing and powerful. I'm very needy with hugs...I need a lot of healing and power. lol I hope more for you to come.

Debbie and Epixi, good luck on the change ups this week.

My diet isn't on point, but I blame the bare pantry/fridge. We've been eating out a lot. I pulled another all nighter last night and only got about 2.5 hours of sleep today, so here at 7pm I'm going to go to bed. I'll probably wake up at about 2am, and I will most likely go then. No heat, no crowds. But also no check out clerks. I hate self check out with a whole cart load.

I'm exhausted. I need to go to bed. Good night world.

AZLisaLou 04-28-2015 02:18 AM

I was just editing my signature when I looked at my weights and dates. Over the past year I've had a net loss of just 11 lbs. Better than a net gain for sure, but this next 12 months I hope to do better.

It also just came to me that I use the word "hope" a lot. Hope is a good thing to have, almost a mandatory thing to have to get through life, but it still doesn't get anything done. I need to work on my way of thinking.

episode2011 04-28-2015 02:32 AM

Vicki: That's like Wizard of Oz weather all at once! Stay safe. Too bad about the washer. I hope it can be fixed! Your story about the Huggin' Husband gave me a warm fuzzy. Awwwww sweet! I'll be interested to see how you get over 100g protein consistently. I just did it for the first time today and it was hard! Keep us posted.

Debbie: A Girls' Night Out sounds divine! Incentive to stay true to your goals during the week so you can live it up with no guilt! All part of the plan, right?


My Strategy for the Week (April 27 - May 3):
  • 7-day Rolling Average calories = 1350-1450: 1343 <--- ooo so close!
  • 7-day Rolling Average water/tea, minimum 2500mL (10+ 8oz glasses): 2904
  • 7-day Rolling Average sodium = 1000-1400: 1570
  • 7-day Rolling Average sat fat = under 18g: 18
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Fats = 50-60g: 61
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Carbs = 85-95g: 106
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Protein = greater than 100: 100
  • Macro -- 7-day Rolling Average Fiber = 10-15g: 12
  • Explore! Try something new or do some nutrition-related research at least 2 times:
    • Monday: Started incorporating macros
First day of Macro Mania wasn't so bad. It was actually much better than the 7-Day Averages show, given that pretty much everything is red as you can see :o. I think the hardest part going forward will be balancing low carbs with high fiber. Protein and Fat aren't too difficult for me (although getting over 100 IS a lot of protein).

I will admit, I felt a bit naughty eating more than usual in order to bump up the calories. That's going to be an adjustment, but I think I can handle it ;).

episode2011 04-28-2015 02:43 AM

Hey there, Lisa! I wasn't ignoring you in that last post -- we were obviously typing at the same time :). You're a brave one going shopping at 2am! Be careful! I hear you about eating out. It can really wreak havoc with an eating plan because there are so many variables over which you have little control. Sure, you can cut the portions down by getting a to-go container, but you can't control ingredients and whatnot. I hope (whoops, sorry I said "hope!" :p) things calm down a bit for you.

Sweet dreams :).

lildebbieg 04-28-2015 05:44 PM

I'm feeling extremely unmotivated today...blaaaahhhh :o

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