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sunrosa 02-16-2015 12:08 PM

First of all, I've got a VERY good life and I know it. That being said, I need to vent a little.

I've been maintaining my weight loss for over three years now. Not a huge number, only about 40 pounds but I have battled this weight my whole life, and this is only the second time I felt like I have had it under control. I'm 5'3" and have been hanging around between 135 and 140. I work out (cardio, weightlifting or a combination and sometimes in addition long walks / several miles when weather permits) 6 days a week.

I know the drill - you lose weight at the dinner table, you get fit with exercise. Exercise has always been the easy part for me. I love to work out, even with joint injuries and some pain, but I also LOVE to eat.

Lately my weight has been creeping up. A half pound one day, up a pound, down a half, etc etc. For months now. I get back down to the happy weight of about 137 and within a few days it starts trying to creep up again. Over this past weekend, I indulged my bf and we ate a non-diet/healthy meal from a local bbq place. I'm up two pounds this morning over last Friday - all the way to 141. That is in territory where I'm no longer feeling good inside my own skin.

i get it that it's probably mostly water weight. but it comes on overnight, and it takes me DAYS to get rid of.

Whine, whine, moan, moan. I know. I' pitiful. I'm just SO OVER being on a diet and not being able to indulge occasionally without the scale creeping back up!


OK, I'm done. Coffee is ready and turkey bacon with a side of fruit is nearly so. Cleaning out the fridge and cabinet of the last bits of indulgence. Back to my boring repetitive BORING did I say that already eating habits that work.

Stay strong everyone!


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